Sensual Couple Listening to Peter Gabriel’s ‘In Your Eyes’ on Spotify
Marijn Kruijff
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Sensual Couple Listening to Peter Gabriel's 'In Your Eyes' on Spotify

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Jeff Faerber just finished his latest shunga piece. Below, more about the artist’s motives, the amusing long title, pics of the work in progress and the finished piece…

jeff faerber shunga

Unfinished (Work in progress)

peter gabriel spotify

An auspicious evening of coincidences led two strangers from a meet-cute, to overcoming their initial weariness of each others foibles, and eventually to the climax: the consummation of their lustful hearts and virtuously extroverted genitals with heat and friction over an ’80s nostalgic ballad streamed on Spotify.” (20 Feb 2021)

Jeff’s remarks…

“I’m not a huge fan of romantic comedies but I like the idea of mixing genres. There is something about the Hollywood formula that feels a bit like a cliché. But what if a RomCom met a Shunga? So you have “Say Anything” with John Cusack playing Peter Gabriel’s music end with, not the standard falling-in-love kiss or caste, PG sex scene, but unsanitized sex with the covers off. (I actually like “Say Anything” BTW.)  I wanted to make a scene where the characters meet, follow the RomCom routine, and end up listening to “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel while having sex in all its glory.”

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