Jeff Faerber Makes a Tribute to
15 mei 2020 
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Jeff Faerber Makes a Tribute to

I am always thrilled when Jeff (Faerber) sends me pictures of his most recent paintings. As a lover of his work, it is nice to be one of the first to check out his new shunga fantasies.

But this time I had a feeling very close to euphoria. When you read the title and Jeff’s comments you may understand what I mean…

shunga gallery Jeff Faerber homage to Hokusai

Title: “The hopeless romantics felt the intensity of being alive, and disappeared into pleasure as they pose, resplendently, in homage to image “Figure 9a” from page 18 of the free eBook “The Anatomy of Hokusai’s Rarest Shunga Series” downloaded using Google chrome from” (May 2020)

Jeff Faerber: “With my modern shunga, I like to reference modern trends or technology and have them interact with traditional shunga aesthetics. So I thought I’d reference traditional shungas in a modern context such as in a PDF and where can one find great PDFs of shunga art? The shunga gallery dot com!
So here we are. Referring to the source of the images that will be posted in source. It is an ouroborus*. It is nepotism. We are getting meta and breaking all the fourth walls. And supporting a great site that has supported me!”
shunga gallery Preparatory drawing by Jeff Faerber

Preparatory drawing by Jeff Faerber

shunga gallery com: The Horny God of Izumo by Hokusai

The 7th tableau‘ (c.1822) from the series ‘The Horny God of Izumo (En-musubi Izumo no sugi)‘ by Katsushika Hokusai (Click here and download the complete series!)

shunga gallery com: The Horny God of Izumo by Hokusai (painting 19th century)

Mid/late 19th century painting after Hokusai’s design

shunga gallery com: The Horny God of Izumo by Hokusai (Meiji impression)

Meiji impression (c.1880/90) of Hokusai’s design

Thanks so much for your honorable and extraordinary testimonial Jeff. What can I say, we are on a mission to make shunga (and sensual art) known to the widest possible audience. Your honorable mention is a confirmation that we are on the right track and an incentive to proceed. So thanks so much, and I am looking forward promoting your future works.

Click HERE for more Jeff Faerber on…!!

More shunga by the artist can be found in his gallery (we are not an affiliate)…!!

*ouroborus comes from Ancient Greek οὐροβόρος and means tail-eater. It is a picture of a snake or a dragon that bites its own tail (eats it) and thus forms an eternal circle.

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on 17 May 2020

I am happy to see Faerber enjoys the same Shunga print as I do. I am flattered.



on 17 May 2020

Thanks Carmelo. Yes, it is difficult to escape Hokusai's spell!

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