Sensual Multitasking While Listening to Savage Lovecast
18 juni 2020 
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Sensual Multitasking While Listening to Savage Lovecast

The “oral sex” theme in shunga always fascinates me because the exaggerated genitals in these designs are even more noticeable. Jeff Faerber’s most recent painting examines this theme and also reveals something about his “chaotic” work routine.

The Savage Lovecast

Jeff Faerber: “The Savage Lovecast is an American podcast where sex advise columnist Dan Savage answers love, sex, and relationship questions from listeners. I started reading his column 20 years ago, and it slowly transitioned to a podcast (I think the print column still exists, but I now only listen to the podcast).

Savage Love Cast: sex podcast painting Jeff Faerber

An errant reverie betwixt an anarchist and an archivist was enhanced as the seducer multitasked, listening to the #SavageLoveCast, from which she gleaned knowledge and skills which she impulsively put to use by integrating into her next feat‘ (June 2020)

Graphic Sex Description

I’m usually multi-tasking, listening to podcasts while I paint so it amuses me that I might be listening to a graphic sex description while painting a pet portrait, or listening to COVID death counts while painting erect penises. So I just thought maybe someone, somewhere listens to podcasts about sex while having sex. And I always wanted to include a hashtag as part of the title as posting the title on social media would act as a literal hashtag and a part of the title.”

Jeff’s new painting reminds me of this Kuniyoshi piece…

Savage Love Cast: Kuniyoshi print depicting oral sex

A sensual couple performing oral sex on each other‘ (c.1853) from the series: ‘Shikido 18 kajo‘  by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861) 

Click HERE for an intriguing article on oral sex in shunga with over 30 enticing images….!!

What is your favorite theme within shunga? Leave your preference(s) in the comment box below…!!

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