fellatio art by entreluietmoi_
Marijn Kruijff
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455 Of the Best Sensual Recommendations Found On Social Media (P3)

11 min

This is the third part (part 1 here and part 2 here) in our ongoing series featuring the best and most striking two-dimensional sensual works of art (paintings, prints, drawings, sketches and photographs) we've come across on social media.

Mia Without Underwear by Bruce Morgan

Fig.400. From the comic Mia Without Underwear by Bruce Morgan

fellatio art by entreluietmoi_

Fig.401. Fellatio art by entreluietmoi_

Spring Love by by JC Bravo

Fig.402. Spring Love (Apr 2024) by by JC Bravo

Vintage-style erotica by G3 art

Fig.403. Vintage-style erotica by G3 art

Yuni Muhamaru

Fig.404. Erika Ribbons by Yuni Muhamaru

Yannick Corboz

Fig.405. Artwork by Yannick Corboz


Fig.406. Artwork by Studio822

oral sex female demon by Petite Boheme

Fig.407. Art by Petite Boheme

erotic art by Ashley Wood

Fig.408. Painting by Ashley Wood

pin-up art by Alain Aslan

Fig.409. Pin-up art by Alain Aslan

Brownie by Valeria Ko

Fig.410. Brownie by Valeria Ko

watercolor by ErosLoveDrawings

Fig.411. Watercolor by ErosLoveDrawings

Jan Draws erotica

Fig.412. Art by Jan Draws Erotica

Bare feet IV by Slartzee

Fig.413. Bare feet IV (Apr 2024) by Slartzee

Arabesque by Nata Chebotareva Balle

Fig.414. Ballet Arabesque by Nata Chebotareva

drawing by Jaroslav Stika

Fig.415. Artwork (1930) by Jaroslav Stika

Crybaby by Sveta Shubina

Fig.416. Crybaby (2024) by Sveta Shubina

Franz von Bayros erotic art

Fig.417. Artwork (1900) by Franz von Bayros

Art by Tatiana von Tauber

Fig.418. Art by Tatiana von Tauber

Art by Mark Blanton

Fig.419. Art by Mark Blanton

Watercolor by Moy Medrano

Fig.420. Watercolor by Moy Medrano

Pin-up art by Giuseppe DeLuca

Fig.421. Pin-up art by Giuseppe DeLuca

Art by Angelo Garino

Fig.422. Art by Angelo Garino

Art by Ewa Ludwiczak

Fig.423. Art by Ewa Ludwiczak

Art by Aatheone

Fig.424. Art by Aatheone

Fig.425.  "Red Sunset" by Audrey Kawasaki

erotic art by Tom Starling

Fig.426. Art by Tom Starling

Milo Manara

Fig.427. Artwork by Milo Manara

Dario Bolo erotic art

Fig.428.  Art by Dario Bolo

Dario Bolo fellatio


Painting by Paul Rader

Fig.429. Painting by Paul Rader

Paintoing by Ashley Wood

Fig.430. Painting by Ashley Wood

Red by Nda

Fig.431. "Red" (2024) by nda

Pin-up art by Pablo Romero

Fig..432. Pin-up art (2021) by Pablo Romero

foot sex by ErosLoveDrawings

Fig.433. Watercolor by ErosLoveDrawings

sketch by Valeria Ko

Fig.434. Sketch by Valeria Ko

art by Lucas Silva

Fig.435. Art by Lucas Silva

lesbian art by Gene Espy

Fig.436. Art by Gene Espy

shunga art by Aiko Robinson

Fig.437. Shunga art by Aiko Robinson

Painting by Mateja Petkovic aka Milkformycoconut

Fig.438. Painting by Mateja Petkovic aka Milkformycoconut

L’esclave favorite du maître by Franco Mystique

Fig.439. L’esclave favorite du maître by Franco Mystique

Lillias Right in Sicily by rudi amedeus

Fig.440. "Lillias Right in Sicily" by Rudi Amedeus

Art by Silvia Ji

Fig.441. Art by Silvia Ji

lesbian threesome by Ivan Alifan

Fig.442. Art by Ivan Alifan

erotic art by Yudori

Fig.443. Art by Yudori

art by Tula Lotay

Fig.444. Artwork by Tula Lotay

Pussy in Purple 2 by Patca

Fig.445. Pussy in Purple 2 (2023) by Patca

Matte Berton

Fig.446. Artwork by Matte Berton

photography by Heinric Heidersberger

Fig.447.. Photography (1948) by Heinric Heidersberger

Fellatio art by David Ducarteron

Fig.448. Fellatio art by David Ducarteron

hentai art by Prywinko

Fig.449.  Hentai art by Prywinkohttps://x.com/prywinko

hentai Rubismar da Costa

Fig.450.  Hentai art by Rubismar da Costa

Gonzalo Llanes

Fig.451. Drawing (2020) by Gonzalo Llanes

pin-up art by Dmitry Kochetkov

Fig.452. Pin-up art by Dmitry Kochetkov

Mermaid by Elizabeth Brynn

Fig.453.  Mermaid by Elizabeth Brynn

Baby, you're a Star! by Patca

Fig.454. Baby, you're a Star!  by Patca

Erotic art by Gustavo Verrera

Fig.455.  Art by Gustavo Verrera

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