peeing art by GcubedArt
Marijn Kruijff
3 min

A Maid's Burgeoning Love For Her Mistress By GcubedArt

3 min

This is an exclusive "pee" piece we commissioned to the digital artist GcubedArt (G³ Art) who is specialized in retro inspired erotic art. I offered the artist a simple starting point of a girl playing with herself while watching another girl peeing. He sent rough sketches on two ideas (Fig.1c), one more retro with a maid spying on her mistress and one more modern with a girl spying on other in some public bathrooms, I decided to go with the "spying maid", and after I did some research on this theme I came across the novel "Jill " issued in 1884.

aroused maid spying on her mistress g3 art

Fig.1. An aroused Jill watching a colleague taking a leak (Jan 2023) by G3 Art

Poignant Exploration of Lesbian Desire

"Jill," penned by Amy Dillwyn in 1884, unveils the captivating journey of an unconventional heroine. After her mother's demise and her father's entanglement with a Victorian gold-digger, aristocrat Jill embarks on a daring escapade by assuming the guise of a lowly maid and fleeing to London in pursuit of adventure. Within the bustling streets of the city, she finds employment as a lady's maid, forging a deep connection with her mistress. Dillwyn's narrative unfolds with irreverent wit, showcasing Jill's dual life above and below stairs. Yet, at its core, the novel delves into Jill's burgeoning love for her employer, a theme inspired by the author's own romantic entanglements. "Jill" emerges as a poignant exploration of feminism and lesbian desire, offering a compelling glimpse into early feminist and gay literature. The artist was kind enough to make an updated version with a more mature version of Jill's mistress (fig.2).

aroused maid spying on her mistress g3 art close-up


aroused maid spying on her mistress g3 art close-up peeing girl


Here you can find the successive phases of the creation of the piece...

rough sketches aroused maid spying on her mistress g3 art

Fig.1c. Rough sketches

refined sketch aroused maid spying on her mistress g3 artFig.1d  Refined sketch

inked version aroused maid spying on her mistress g3 art

Fig.1e  Inked version

peeing art by GcubedArt

Fig.2. An aroused Jill watching her mistress taking a leak (Jan 2023) by G3 Art

peeing art by GcubedArt close up


Lilith observing peeing mistress


Jill by  Amy Dillwyn

Fig.2c 2013 Republication of Jill (originally published in 1884) by Amy Dillwyn

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