evgeny goncharov nude in mirror
Marijn Kruijff
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Unmasked Voluptuousness of the Russian Photographer Evgeny Goncharov

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Evgeny Goncharov was born in 1979 in Voronezh, Russia where an artist neighbor saw him drawing animals and knights in the sand near the house convinced his parents to send him to an art school, which as he says in an interview, savagely stole five of the best years of his childhood, and which is keeping him from drawing, painting and sculpting even to this day.

evgeny goncharov model stasya

Fig.1. Stasya


A second attempt to force him into a career was when he passed almost all the exams but refused to enter Architecture University. The third attempt, finally, started in the early 2000s, when he got his hands on his camera.

evgeny goncharov erotic photography

Fig.2. Stasya

Leaves Her Mask

While learning to take pictures he thought nudity was too powerful a tool to use, too tough to keep avoiding vulgarity. This changed a few years later when he suddenly realized that photographing naked people is way simpler than photographing dressed ones. The model leaves her mask with her clothes on the chair back. Goncharov explains, 'You will hardly get her confidence that fast when the armor is on, and the intimacy, vulnerability, and control you will never get otherwise. And it's always a temptation: A woman getting undressed to tease you and your camera is always a feeling worth the price.'

evgeny goncharov photographer


evgeny goncharov nude photography


evgeny goncharov


evgeny goncharov nude in mirror


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