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The Tricky Advances Underneath a Kotatsu Heater

The Tricky Advances Underneath a Kotatsu Heater

Tricky advances, with often the male making the indistinct move, are a recurring theme within shunga. A striking example of such an encounter is this ingenious design by Hokusai that portrays a married couple underneath a kotatsu heater.

Too Embarassed

The woman tries to choose a pattern for a new kimono from the sample book in front of her, but her spouse is caressing her vagina with his toes. Now she is too embarassed and can not decide what pattern she is going to order. It is from the artist’s Kinoe no komatsu series that includes more of these kind of encounters.


Under the kotatsu‘ (c.1814) from the series ‘Kinoe no komatsu (Languishing for Love aka Young Pine Saplings)’ by Katsushika Hokusai

Click HERE for another nice Hokusai design with an intimate couple under a kotatsu heater…!!!

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