Pervert Neighbour by Luis Quils
Marijn Kruijff
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Unveiling the Provocative Artistry of the Spanish Illustrator Luis Quiles

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Luis Quiles (1978) is a name you should know, especially if you’re interested in satirical artwork of any kind. The drawings of this gifted Spanish artist bring to life the darkest and saddest sides of society, from the internet to politics.

luis quiles Diabetes - I live in sugar town

Fig.1.  Diabetes - I live in sugar town (2012) - Self-portrait

Denounce Contemporary Society

He is often compared to Paweł Kuczyński for the similar themes he deals with. His works are shared, especially on social networks, because they denounce contemporary society through strong and impactful images, to which it is difficult to remain indifferent. Among his battles is also the fight against the current world of communication, which leads to isolation. Quiles has on many occasions suffered censorship from social media precisely because of his style and the themes addressed.

luis quiles Censure Killed the Meaning of Art

Fig.2. Censure Killed the Meaning of Art  * (2012)

Stark Reflection

As already mentioned in the introduction, Quiles' art offers a powerful commentary on the darker aspects of society, addressing themes such as politics, sexuality, and the human condition. His illustrations, characterized by intense detail and vivid colors, offer a stark reflection of the world's complexities. One of Quiles' distinctive features is his ability to seamlessly blend satire with profound social critique, creating images that demand introspection.

Spark Conversations

Notably, Quiles doesn't shy away from tackling sensitive subjects. His work often explores the objectification of women, the impact of technology on human relationships, and the consequences of political power. Through his art, Quiles aims to spark conversations about these issues, challenging viewers to confront uncomfortable truths.

woke by Luis Quiles

Fig.3  Woke (2023)

Societal Taboos

In addition to his visually striking style, Quiles employs symbolism and metaphor to convey his messages. Each piece is a narrative in itself, inviting the audience to interpret the imagery and draw their conclusions. While some may find his art confrontational, others appreciate its raw honesty and the artist's unapologetic approach to addressing societal taboos.

Below you can find a selection of the artist's work that address sexually charged topics...

Luis Quiles Rhe Walking Dead

Fig.4. The Walking Dead (2014)

Luis Quiles Rhe Walking Dead (detail)


luis quiles predator

Fig.5. Predator (2012)

I Like by Luis Quils

Fig.6. I Like (2014)

Pervert Neighbour by Luis Quils

Fig.7. Pervert Neighbour 

Fast Food Initiation by Luis Quiles

Fig.8. Fast Food Initiation

Monster by Luis Quils

Fig.9. Monster (2021)

Luis Quils Slaveland

Fig.10. Slaveland (2014)

Be My Muse by Luis Quils

Fig.11. Be My Muse (2014)

Berlusconi by Luis Quiles

Fig.12. Berlusconi (2013)

Flesh Market by Luis Quiles

Fig.13. Flesh Market (2013)

Porno by Luis Quiles

Fig.14. Porno (2013)

The following video offers some nice insights on Quiles' Art...

You can follow the artist on Instagram

In the extended Premium edition you can find an extensive selection of Quiles' most sensual artworks.

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* Censure Killed the Meaning of Art deals with Quiles’ own struggle with censorship on DeviantART and the deletion of some of his artwork because of reports from other users that the art is pornographic.