winged pin-up with big boobs by Otis Sweat
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Big-Breasted Pin-Ups of the American Illustrator Otis Sweat

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The American filmmaker Russ Meyer was known for his lifelong unabashed fixation on large breasts which would feature prominently in all his films. The fascination for this female physical archetype of a shapely 1950s hip-to-waist ratio or "wasp waist" with very large breasts, is shared by the illustrator Otis Sweat (under the pseudonym Sweat Erotica).

Rocket Girls

Sweat has been publishing art for more than three decades in various genres and media, but he's best known for his bombastic images of well-endowed pin-ups engaged in various stages of intercourse. Among fans of adult comics he's revered for his Rocket Girls (Fig.8 and 10), a series of erotic fantasy pin-ups done with a loving nod to the covers of science fiction pulps of the 1930's and 1940's. Sweat perfectly captures the warp-drive energy and point-of-impact power of these super-stacked, super-shapely space queens in their skin-tight suits.

Bomber Girls

Another eye-catching series is Sweat's Bomber Girls of Score (Fig.4) that began as a series for Score* magazine in 1993. These pin-ups pay a fond tribute to the nose art painted on WWII fighter planes, done in Sweat's signature style.

Otis Sweat erotic art lesbians


Otis Sweat Big-breasted Foxes


Otis Sweat semi nude with big boobs with the shadow of a giant phallus silhouette behind her


From the 'Bomber Girls of Score' series by Otis Sweat

Fig.4.  'La BombaDear' from the 'Bomber Girls of Score' series

Sweat Erotica oral sex


Otis Sweat deep-throat


Otis Sweat erotic art


From the Rocket Girls series by Otis Sweat

Fig.8. From the Rocket Girls series

winged pin-up with big boobs by Otis Sweat


Otis Sweat Rocket Girls

Fig.10. From the Rocket Girls series

sex on the beach by Otis Sweat


big breasted girl about to perform fellatio by Otis Sweat


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*The magazine Score was issued by Score Group, a Miami-based publishing company founded in 1991 that engages in the production and distribution of adult entertainment.