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Dripping Monster Sex In Luis Royo’s Fantasy World

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Luis Royo is one of the most famous fantasy and science-fiction artists in the contemporary word. He first studied technical and interior design and painting. Since 1978 he has received international recognition as a comic book artist. Royo’s illustrations and images have become so popular and widespread on postcards, calendars, playing cards and much more merch, that probably everyone has seen one of his artworks somewhere before. His success certainly derives form his fantasy-themed work that is mostly combined with hot-looking females in dystopian and sci-fi surroundings. In his Prohibited books, he presents the viewer a very special theme, namely monsters that have juicy sex with warrior-women.

 luis royo monster erotic

Fig. 1: I love my personal computer, 2000

luis royo I love my personal computer


The Beauty and the Beast Theme

In his edition, Royo picks up the classical theme of the beauty and the beast and sets it into new perspective. The beauty here is not classical in the sense that she is innocent or shows moral and decency, but she is a lusty, wild temptress. On the other hand, one could argue that she shows “classical” elements in the way beauty is depicted, because Royo’s women are always flawless, busty, drawn with the perfect body and always ready to mate. His monsters are a combination of rather ugly creatures from another dimension and with sometimes technologically adapted features. They do not transform into something more beautiful, as it is the case for the classical versions of the beauty and the beast, but they are gruesome and unappealing. They are excessively equipped and lecherously welcoming the female.

 luis royo the game fellatio

Fig. 2: The Game, 2000

luis royo the game


luis royo the game oral sex art

Fig. 3: The Game, 2000

luis royo monster fellatio


 luis royo Doctor Frankenstein’s Bride First Visit to the Lab

Fig. 4: Doctor Frankenstein’s Bride First Visit to the Lab, 2000

luis royo frankenstein detail


Ugliness and Poetic Gracefulness

The viewer might ask how that can possibly go together and how this can happen willingly. In Royo’s world, it can. Especially in a dystopian world where wars might have taken place and where there is not much left, all is condensed to the essence: sex. Royo places his women and monsters on the edge of tragedy and dangerous erotic and plays with cruel seeming contrasts. His female heroines, as we might call them, appear to always stay in control, even if it is a monster three times their size. If you do not want to get slayed by the enemy, you have to seduce it, could be the hidden agenda. In a few drawings the monsters even get killed by the female after the act. His heroines, however, remain a graceful posture during the whole event, they get satisfied and show their pleasure by their facial expression and dripping fluids.

 luis royo pressure zone

Fig. 5: Pressure Zone, 2000

 luis royo the offering

Fig. 6: The Offering, 2000

luis royo the offering detail


 luis royo Box Full of Surprises

Fig. 7: Box Full of Surprises, 2000

luis royo the blue prince

Fig.8. The Blue Prince, 2004

luis royo the blue prince detail


luis royo the blue prince erotic monster

Fig.9. The Blue Prince, 2004

luis royo unicorn

Fig.10. The Eye of the Unicorn (2003)

luis royo unicorn detail


luis royo A halt on the road to mad dreams

Fig.11. A halt on the road to mad dreams, 2003

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