Top 40 Ways to Censor Female Nipples On Adult Books’ Covers, Part Two
9 min

Top 40 Ways to Censor Female Nipples On Adult Books' Covers, Part Two

9 min

And now we continue our parade of vivid censorship! These illustrators did their best to turn discrimination into art and make the hypocrisy work against itself. They had to ruin the logic and break the laws of physics in the process, but a la guerre comme a la guerre!

20. Seven Happy Men

We open the second part of our top (click here for the first part) by recounting seven happy men. These men allowed to be impossibly close to the nipples are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant, and, last but not least, Benjamin Franklin.

Sin Toy Pulp cover

Fig. 1.

the sin quest pulp

Fig. 1b.

Fifty Dollar Broad

Fig. 1c.

19. Bra Weird Physics

It happens when you want to seduce and need to censor at the same time. Reality is boring. This was claimed by impressionists, surrealists, abstractionists, and adult books’ illustrators.

the swap specialist pulp book

Fig. 2.

18. Papers, Please!

If she was raped as a virgin, the papers she’s reading are probably a criminal case file. Who knows, maybe in the twisted Universe of cheap literature, she won this case and then started using a copy of the docs as a night stimulant.

touch me gently pulp

Fig. 3.

17. The Dream Catcher

If it’s a dream catcher, then the scene can be a dream it caught. If this dream catcher hangs over the entrance, the Peeping Tom is on shift again!

In Lust and War pulp cover

Fig. 4.

16. Weird Perspective

We can’t decide whether this ‘she-devil’ is another nippless girl or this pleasure boat’s come from a parallel dimension, and its’ antenna can magically hide female nipples independently of their location.

Wanton Wench pulp

Fig. 5.

15. Strip Game

This is how you can spend the evening with your partner if wi-fi and TV don’t work. A deck of cards also can help if you need to draw a cover for a novel with a title like this.

brotherhood of lust pulp

Fig. 6.

14. Salinger Forever

This cover reminding of The Catcher in The Rye probably has a tragic story behind it. Imagine, you want to be like this great writer, but, to earn a living, you write about naked people at the farm. Or you want to illustrate immortal classics, but you’re commissioned to draw covers for people like Kevin North. And all you can do is depict the rye over the boobs of a red girl, hoping that Salinger would be proud of your sophisticated reference. Or even worse, you hate classics and write paperback novels setting yourself against this damned literature canon, but there’s always someone who associates your product with this darn Salinger! So many, many tragic stories!

Golden Girls Pulp cover

Fig. 7.

13. Don’t Drain Marshes

Because you can drown dead bodies there! Or, at least, you can cover the boobs of a dead girl with marsh plants. If the action takes place underwater, the seaweed is also helpful.

Whirlpool of Thunder pulp cover

Fig. 8.

Kiss or Kill Pulp

Fig. 8b.

12. Film Strip

It seems that the illustrator took the term ‘film strip’ literally and decided to depict his vision. The cover has its’ advantages: it’s so abstract that it suits every porn novel.

Flamer pulp cover

Fig. 9.

11. Bang-Bang

That guy with a guitar from the first part of our top decided to break his daily routine. Now he’s a guy with a gun!

Sin Boss Pulp book

Fig. 10.

10. BDSM as Censorship

These covers promote the slogan Beat Disclosed Sinful Mammals. Bondage, domination, sadism, masochism, all kinds of whips and belts were invented to hide women’s nipples from the eyes of high-minded people. Yeah, together with the previous position, here’s a combo: Sin Boss, Sin Sucker, and Sin Mates.

Sin Sucker Pulp Magazine cover

Fig. 11.

Sin Mates pulp

Fig. 11b.

9. Camera, Action!

As you may notice, female nipples very often are censored by different phallic objects. This time, it’s a tripod. The lower part of the girl’s body is elegantly hidden by a camera. When they finish, she will cover herself with shots or a film strip, as we’ve already seen.

Degradation Trail Adult book cover

Fig. 12.

8. The Power of Art

Body art is the thing you should never forget about if you’re an artist. It allows looking in the eyes while looking at nipples.

Degradation Trail Adult book cover

Fig. 13.

Turnabout Tarts Adult cover

Fig. 13b.

7. Fight Fire With Fire

If you’re asked to censor the nipples of a girl, no one forbids you to do it by another pair of boobs!

adult cover Wall Street Wantons

Fig. 14.

6. …Literally With Fire

Sometimes you can hide nipples by a satanic fire of a sadistic cult. The cultists are cautious people as the fire is also good at healing venereal diseases.

Swami's Lust Temple adult cover

Fig. 15.

5. Christmas Vibes

In the first part of the top, there was a position occupied by tree branches. This cover is placed much higher because the whole thing is barely explainable. Spruce branches are the most elegant way to hide the naked body, especially when there’s nothing more except them on the cover.

Sin Cats pulp cover

Fig. 16.

4. Hokusai’s Shadow

Another charming way to censor the nipples is to engage an octopus. As admirers of Hokusai, we bestow the 4th place to this cover.

the mercless mermaids adult book

Fig. 17.

And here’s a final top 3!

3. Snakes and Wheels

The third place is taken by two covers at once. The first one is the steering wheel (an adequate (if this word is appropriate here) variant of the 16th place), and the second is a mind-blowing representative of the genre. “The lady is a spy! And she’s no lady!” So, who the hell is she? An alien cat-woman sometimes sporting snakes?

Every Wife in Sight adult cover

Fig. 18.

Sexmahlia pulp cover

Fig. 18b.

2. A Razor, A Road Sign, and Ski Poles

If anyone asks you what’s common between a razor, a road sign, and ski poles, you can answer that all these things can perfectly hide women’s nipples on the covers of cheap porn novels.

Flesh Finder adult book cover

Fig. 19.

Passion Suburb Adult

Fig. 19b.

Lust Lodge adult cover

Fig. 19c.

1. Smoke On the Sex Machine

And the first place of our top 40 ways to censor female nipples on adult books’ covers is shared by two outstanding contestants. The first one is a smoking lady. Could you ever imagine cigarette smoke hiding anything? We couldn’t. But the illustrator showed how poor our fantasy is. The second example is a wire of an electric dildo. Yes, the freaking dildo is something you don’t need to censor on your cover, while the nipples must be censored by all means. If you want, you can hide them by drawing sperm on tits.

Bawdy Setup Adult Cover

Fig. 20.

Dr Dildo's Delightful Machine adult

Fig. 20b.


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