46 Seductive Models of Fetish Photographer Gilles Berquet
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58 Seductive Models of Fetish Photographer Gilles Berquet

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Gilles Berquet (born 1956) is a French photographer whose works are influenced by surrealists Clovis Trouille and Georges Bataille, and also by photographer Pierre Molinier. The fetishistic nature of Berquet’s photographs also makes them similar to the sado-erotic constructures of Hans Bellmer.

Gilles Berquet

On Molinier’s Influence

Gilles Berquet lives and works in Clamart. Although, he studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Montpellier and Aix en Provence, after graduation, he began photographing. The same turn from one medium to another happened in Molinier’s career. The artist started photographing in his sixties. In the interview for the Secret magazine, Berquet says that Molinier inspired him to become a photographer.

Fetish Photographer Gilles Berquet

ame au coin / ame in the corner

ame en malle Gilles Berquet 

ame en malle / ame in a chest

Gilles Berquet dana & mirka

dana & mirka – aigle noir / black eagle

Gilles Berquet ame trapeze

ame trapeze

Gilles Berquet helene de dos / from the back

helene de dos / from the back

Gilles Berquet vintage


Gilles Berquet histoire de loeil

histoire de loeil

Gilles Berquet le fetichiste

le fetichiste

Gilles Berquet le malle / chest

le malle / chest

Gilles Berquet le festin nu / feast nude

le festin nu / feast nude

Gilles Berquet legs in fishnet

legs in fishnet

Gilles Berquet le lait / milk

le lait / milk

Gilles Berquet Lucile part en fume / Lucile in fume

Lucile part en fume / Lucile in fume

Gilles Berquet luh en chienne / luh as bitch

luh en chienne / luh as bitch

Gilles Berquet Magali


Gilles Berquet singrid montree

singrid montree

Between Pop Art and Abstractionism

During his studies, Berquet worked in the abstract genre with an erotic incline. He was also fascinated by the conjunction of art and everyday life in pop art paintings. Being attracted to bondage illustrators (e. g. John Willie) as well, Berquet tried to produce BDSM-paintings, but, according to his words, he was frustrated by the imaginary nature of what came out. Willingness to work with a more realistic medium led him to photography.

Gilles Berquet lisa god

lisa god

Gilles Berquet my gods

my gods

Greeks as Unmeant Fetishists

Berquet doesn’t consider this shift between two forms of art as problematic. He finds photography a better tool to express his ideas and uses painting to make preparatory drawings. There are several examples on his site. Interestingly, Berquet’s chosen photography, among other reasons, because of its’ similarity to sculpture. The artist says that ancient goddesses with missing heads or arms are perfect models for a fetishist. Berquet’s photographs of the female torso or a woman with tied arms weirdly pay homage to Venus of Milo or Nike of Samothrace.

Gilles Berquet drawing

Gilles Berquet nude

Gilles Berquet nudes

Gilles Berquet drawing and picture

Gilles Berquet picture nude

Gilles Berquet red picture

Gilles Berquet squeezing breasts

Gilles Berquet photographer

Gilles Berquet nude in ropes

The Purpose of Art

Berquet shares with Molinier his simple but effective definition of the purpose of art, which is to stimulate the creator. Both photographers would never do something that didn’t correspond with their sexuality. “I am not afraid to say that my images reflect my own sexuality, that they address what interests and arouses me. I became aware of this when I did a series of images of women giving golden showers for a book called P. It wasn’t enough for me simply to show the model pissing; eventually, I wanted to put myself in the frame because golden showers weren’t just a fantasy for me: they were part of my sexuality. I wanted to show a woman pissing in my mouth because that activity is part of my life; it’s something I enjoy. During this time, I was working for a gallery with a large gay clientele, and they asked me if I wasn’t going to do photos of men giving golden showers. I thought about it, but finally said no, I couldn’t do it, it wasn’t me. My work is not about making a catalogue of all the possible perversions. I just want to show those which please and implicate me personally (Secret Magazine, issue 14).”

Gilles Berquet Katie & god

Katie & god

Gilles Berquet lisa pic


Gilles Berquet fontaine


Gilles Berquet la mouche / fly

la mouche / fly

Gilles Berquet M


Gilles Berquet mirka muscle ouvert

mirka muscle ouvert

Gilles Berquet Mirka with dog


Gilles Berquet Mirka hugging tree


Gilles Berquet Mirka in the forest


Fetishism and Feminism

Speaking of how women treat his photos, Berquet makes a nice remark on his approach to the body and photograph. He says that female beauty is first and foremost in his work, so the image above all is beautiful, not fetishistic. This view allows Berquet to have admirers of his art among women. ” Women seem to understand that even if I represent them in scabrous or indecent positions – one could say pornographic – I am in fact paying them homage. Whether I show a woman tied up or pissing, or whatever, the image itself is always beautiful, not degrading or humiliating. Women recognize this right away. And my models are never «submissives» or «slaves». I think this is clear, even when they’re portrayed in ‘compromising’ positions.” (Secret Magazine)

Gilles Berquet valentine devant la meje /

valentine devant la meje / valentine in front of the meje

Gilles Berquet Mirka photographer

Mirka photographer

Gilles Berquet bald-headed nude female

Gilles Berquet nude with head in the air

Gilles Berquet black nude

Gilles Berquet nude in the forest

Gilles Berquet artist

Gilles Berquet photographic art

Gilles Berquet underwear

Gilles Berquet fetish photographer

Gilles Berquet bondage art

Gilles Berquet pissing

Gilles Berquet Black nude female model

Gilles Berquet Bdsm

Gilles Berquet black model undressing

Gilles Berquet nude on the floor

Gilles Berquet nude with dildo

Gilles Berquet sm bondage

Gilles Berquet photography

Gilles Berquet  smoking female

Gilles Berquet  Tessa Kuragi

'Tessa Kuragi'

Gilles Berquet  Le muscle du sommeil

'Le muscle du sommeil'

most images are taken from gillesberquet.com

Sources: Wikipedia.org, lamauvaisereputation.free.fr, Marti Hohmann. Interview with Gilles Berquet. The Secret Magazine, issue 14.

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