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The Masterful Shunga Book Series Hana-Goyomi by Kuniyoshi

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Among the most famous erotic works by the great ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861) is the hanshibon-sized illustrated book series Hana-goyomi (Flower Calendar), that was issued in 1835.

'Hidden Names'

Due to the new publishing regulations issued as part of the Kyōhō reforms in 1722, the names of authors, artists, and publishers all but disappeared from erotic books. 'Hidden names (ingō) started to be used instead.

'Playful Name'

Real identities were not completely disguised, however, and the hidden names generally alluded in some way to the person's real name or to an additional 'playful name' (gigō) with which they were associated. For example, the artist of the present book generally used the name 'Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi' for his ordinary ukiyo-e prints.

A Wondrous Pussy

For this erotic book, however, this is playfully changed to 'Ichimyōkai Hodoyoshi' ('A Wondrous Pussy, How Nice'). Another easily recognized hidden name used by the artist was 'Neko-Yoshi' ('Cats are Good'), as Kuniyoshi was a well-known and self-professed cat-lover.

Bewitching Beauty

The overall quality of Hana-goyomi was enough to take the reader's breath away. It was colored in gold and silver, and incorporated artistic use of gaufrage (karazuri), skilled carving and printing techniques, and amazingly skillful depictions of the bewitching beauty of the female subjects. The nuanced shading and gradations of both the indigo blue and the sumi black are impressive and beautiful throughout.

hana-goyomi books Kuniyoshi


hana-goyomi Flower calendar Kuniyoshi


hanagoyomi girl with kite


hanagoyomi girl with kite detail


hanagoyomi ship berths


hanagoyomi ship berths detail


hana-goyomi shunga Kuniyoshi


Half Undressed

This scene shows a man stretched out on the ground, his head resting on a pillow and a wooden-box case. He is preparing to untie the narrow belt of the inner garment worn by the woman, who is already half undressed and seems to be emerging from under her kimono-blanket. They have apparently spent the night together.

hanagoyomi shunga Kuniyoshi detail


hanagoyomi couple in a teahouse


Reluctant Serving-Girl

Here we see a couple sitting in a room in a teahouse (Fig.6), open on the left-hand side, where we can identify a samurai with two swords, a peasant in work-clothes and a porter, whose load can just be seen. The man is a client and a reluctant serving-girl is attempting to escape the man's embrace as he tries to insert his hand into the opening of her kimono.

Demons Out

The plum blossom petals scattered on the ground and the portrait of Okame hanging on the wall are precise references to the first day of the New Year, when it is customary to throw around dry beans and to shout, 'demons out, prosperity in (fuku wa uchi, oni wa soto)'.

hanagoyomi flower calendar


hanagoyomi flower calendar detail


hana-goyomiflower calendar Kuniyoshi


hana-goyomiflower calendar Kuniyoshi detail


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