Top 30 Trashy Erotic Covers of the Hara-Kiri Magazine, Part Two
31 augustus 2020 
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Top 30 Trashy Erotic Covers of the Hara-Kiri Magazine, Part Two

Welcome back to our top! In this part (you can check out part one here), we’ll reveal the most creative covers, not merely humorous but also acute. For a kickoff, we suggest looking inside the journal then you can fully appreciate this dirty bomb in a world of press.


The second issue (1960)

Useful Inventions and Lifehacks

Your friend has given you expensive cigars on your 50th birthday, and you want to make smoking more elegant but don’t know how? Georges Bernier aka Professeur Choron will help you with his brilliant invention! Follow the instructions, and the most original cigar lighter will be yours!


Page is taken from

⦁ You need a girl. A pretty one.
⦁ Fix the wire + on her right big toe.
⦁ Fix the wire – on her left big toe.
⦁ Put a plug in a socket for 110 or 220 volts.


The Cunt Certificate

Your boss, who is a total jackass, celebrates his birthday in a day or two? Hara-Kiri journal has an idea for the birthday present! Nowadays, a certificate is a popular kind of gift, so why don’t you give your boss this excellent certificate of a cunt?


Now, after these special offers, you are surely ready for the second part of our top 30 trashy erotic covers of the Hara-Kiri magazine!


15. Travolta

The magazine without a celebrity on the cover is not a magazine! That’s why the 15th place of our top is devoted to John Travolta on the cover of the 209th issue with an intriguing heading “What does Travolta have that’s bigger than ours?”


14. Gendarmes

Nobody likes the police, but Hara-Kiri managed to turn the famous “fuck da police” slogan into something surprisingly pleasurable in its’ 155th issue.


13. Vive La Mort!

Do you believe in numbers? We sometimes do, so the thirteenth place we bestow upon the cover of the 161st issue, which says that death is a real blonde. Well, one day, sooner or later, we all will have a chance to learn it!


12. Doggy-style Again

In a previous part of the top, we’ve awarded the doggy-style cover with the 22nd place. This time, the 176th issue offers us the way to make love right on the streets: “Fuck on the streets using the dog masks!”


11. Spring

The 79th issue released in April 1968 congratulates us on the beginning of spring with the amusing variation on a butthurt theme.

And here’s the point where the top 10 begins!


10. Tentacles

And the top 10 begins with the cover of the 191st issue, which, being at, we simply couldn’t ignore! (Heading: “The sea is a big free pantry! Your summer menu: the sandwich with an octopus”)


9. Horoscopes

Do you like horoscopes? Do you know your zodiac sign? We all do! This is the reason why the cover of the 220th issue with the horoscope for 1980 occupies the ninth place of our top.


8. Gourmet

The tasty cover of the Hara-Kiri supplement continues our top.


7. Harmony

Have you ever questioned yourself, what should you do to make your relationship harmonic? The 254th issue apparently has an answer!


6. Happy New Year!

Especially loving winter, we couldn’t miss this New Year cover of the 160th issue.


5. Special Seeds

And here’s spring again! The April 199th issue remarkably displays the awakening nature.


4. Pussies and Men’s Fashion

The fourth place is occupied by two amusing covers at once! The first cover, which belongs to the 217th issue, suggests adopting a pussy. The second, which of the 301st issue, tells us about man fashion of that winter (1987): striped costume, pink chemise, flower-dotted tie, and round glasses. Which of these two covers do you like the most?

And… Here is the Top 3!


3. Nature Disasters

As we’ve said at the beginning of this article, we appreciate most the covers that are not only humorous but also acute. This cover of the 275th issue is absolutely among sharp ones (“French Riviera. Hectares of public hair are on fire: carelessness or crime?”). By the way, the most recent forest fires in Southern France happened at the beginning of August 2020.


2. Venereal Diseases

Another cover with an image of current interest is of the 127th issue. The heading is succinct: “The Youth Drained by Venereal Diseases”

And the champion is…


1. The Boy With a Balloon

“Don’t buy red balloons anymore!” says the cover of the 143rd issue suggesting a lifehack if your kid asks you to buy one. The issue was released in 1973, 13 years before King’s horror novel “It.” However, the colors of this makeshift balloon and woman’s panties unavoidably make us think of Pennywise and his victims. Anyway, the photo was so successful that they did a remake in 1983 on the cover of the fifth special issue containing their best photos.

And… here is a special bonus for you: the cover we find the most disturbing of all Hara-Kiri issues…


“The frog jumps on the belly!”


Do you agree with our Top 30 list of most absurd Magazine covers of Hara-Kiri? Leave your reaction in the comment box below…!! 

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