Now You Can Finally Obtain One of the Most Memorable Prints in Shunga…!!
Marijn Kruijff
6 min

Now You Can Finally Obtain One of the Most Memorable Prints in Shunga...!!

6 min

YES…It’s finally here! Shunga Gallery is proud to announce – for the first time in over 115 years – the release of our much anticipated woodblock print remake of one of Hokusai’s most dramatic shunga designs.

Authentic Feel

Earlier this year we gave the gifted ukiyo-e artist Yuuya Shimoi the assignment to produce a reproduction of Hokusai’s classic but rarely seen design from the ‘Erotic Book of Conjugal Eddies (Ehon futamigata)-series. We asked him to evoke the authentic feel of Hokusai’s original, as if we were getting back to early 19th-century Japan.

woodblock print depicting a Ninja terrorizing a nude married couple

Remake of Hokusai’s classic design from the ‘Erotic Book of Conjugal Eddies (Ehon futamigata)-series‘ (2019)

Close to the Original

When we received the prints earlier this month I knew he succeeded in doing this. Shimoi remained close to the original (we have had the original twice in our collection!) and the print really takes you back to 1803.  He carefully selected the applied pigments including the excellent green and purple coloring.

key block of Hokusai's shunga masterpiece

Key block for the right side

Blade of the Sword

One important detail has been changed (improved in my opinion). This concerns the blade of the sword which “connects” the two center pages. Since the original was issued in a book, and four different blocks were used, the depicted blade is interrupted by the space between the pages and for that reason does not form a continuous whole (see picture below!).

close up samurai sword

Disruption blade (original) 

Straight Line

In our new remake the sword runs through in a nice straight line (see picture below)!

close up of blade in straight line

‘Blade in straight line’


In every ukiyo-e genre Hokusai worked in, he managed to produce iconic images that defined the specific genre. The most famous examples of this are of course The Great Wave off Kanagawa (c.1833) and The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife (c.1814).

both plates of Hokusai's Conjugal Eddies

Separated sheets

Conjugal Eddies

But his rare four-page scene (two-page fold-out) from ‘Erotic Book of Conjugal Eddies (Ehon futamigata)‘-series (originally issued in 1803) is an early example of his mastery in the shunga genre and must certainly be included among the most important works in erotic art.

The Conjugal Eddies‘ series is Hokusai’s earliest attributed shunga work which he designed when he was in his mid-forties. It is now seen as key to the development of Hokusai’s erotic art from his early works of the Shunro period to his later masterpieces.

This is what other experts say about the “Ninja” design:

“…The scene of the robber raping a woman whose husband he has tied up and whom he taunts with the point of his sword, is one of the most horrifying of any shunga of the period … But the malevolent, black-clad figure of the robber is truly monumental and one of the most memorable images of the shunga even of this period.” (Jack Hillier The Art of the Japanese Book (London, 1987)

“…It (Ehon futamigata) contains the famous scene, unfolding over four pages, of a rape committed by a bandit while he keeps his victim’s husband at bay with a sword; the husband is tied up and screaming, but is no less sexually aroused than the bandit himself.” (Gian Carlo Calza in Poem of the Pillow and Other Stories by Utamaro, Hokusai…etc.).

hokusai print with masked bandit and tied male

Detail with the masked intruder and tied man’

Here are some of the testimonials for The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife remake we received:

“Dear Marijn, The octopus has arrived safely. Wonderful, wonderful. I suspect from the robust packaging that you’ve sent this kind of thing before. I was wondering if you’d thought of making a nicely printed version of the translated text to accompany it, perhaps on the same (format) paper but a different technique. Could be a nice add-on. Anyway, it’s great. My compliments to the artist. What’s next, ha ha.” (Mark P. – Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

“Received with thanks! Superb.” (Henry K. – Toronto, Canada)

“Dear Marijn, Just wanted you to know that I received the print in perfect condition and I am extremely pleased with it! I am so happy that I had the opportunity to add this special print to my collection. Thank you very, very much! All my best, Alan.” (Alan J. – MA, USA)

“The remakes arrived last Friday in perfect condition. Thanks a lot. Kind regards, Philippe.” (Philippe – Paris, France)

“Hi Marijn, Item is very nice. I just purchased the first state which is great and very similar to the original. I am always interested in an old edition. If anytime you can provide, please, let me know.” (Miquel – Majorca)

“Hello Marijn, I’ve successfully received the print. The quality is great, it’s a lovely job. I’m very grateful, and I’m seeking for the best place in my home to place the print! (Olga L.Z. – Nayarit, Mexico)

Testimonial for the original “Ninja/ Home Invasion” piece:

Dear Marijn,

I want you to know that the Hokusai arrived safely and in perfect order in Beverly Hills thanks to your excellent packing. The customs people did open the box to examine the contents but, fortunately, because you had packed it so well they didn’t do any damage. The idea of putting the print first in a mailing tube and then in a box was brilliant!

It’s an absolutely beautiful piece! The colors are far more vivid than even in your JPEG of it. I am absolutely delighted to have it and thank you very much!!!

Kindest personal regards and thanks, your friend and customer,
(Fred K., Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA)
desperate tied male with erection

Left print with the tied male

One Exclusive Edition

This excellent two-parted remake is issued in an exclusive first state edition of only 75 pieces, We have got the blocks and in the future they will not be re-issued. The prints are stamped and signed by the artist and stamped and numbered by the publisher.

Ink Bleed Through

Printed on washi paper with nice ink bleed through visible on the backside of the prints. Fine impression, color and condition.

This extraordinary piece will most definitely be the attention grabber on your wall…!!

And a true collector’s item for the future!

backside woodblock remake Hokusai

Backside with signature of the artist, publisher’s stamp and numbering

ninja raping tied female while holding a sword

Right side with the intruder and the tied woman


Size of each sheet is 10 2/3″ x 8 1/3″ inches (27 x 21 1/5cm). Total size is 21″ x 8 1/3″ inches (53 1/2 x 21 1/5cm).

Update Dec 2022

The remake was included in the recently published book, 'Shunga - Images du désir dans l'art érotique du Japon d'hier et d'aujourd'hui (Shunga - Images of Desire in Japanese Erotic Art of Yesterday and Today) ' issued by Nuinui.

ninja Hokusai remake book Nuinui

This is the most recent testimonial on our remake:

"The reproduction of the Ninja attack from Ehon Futamigata is truly fantastic! The craftsmanship is superb. The artist clearly made every effort to ensure all details match the original." (James Tiesinga - Anchorage, Alaska)

The price for this exclusive two-part piece is Euro 450,-....!! You can now obtain this piece for only Euro 385,- including shipping. !