Check Out ShungaGallery’s Unique Project Revitalizing This Hokusai Masterpiece
Marijn Kruijff
9 min

Check Out ShungaGallery's Unique Project Revitalizing This Hokusai Masterpiece

9 min

Dear members and followers of, as you might have noticed we have been working on a unique project behind the scenes in the last months.

In collaboration with the Japanese artist Yuuya Shimoi (he also produced the excellent remake of The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife and many other iconic ukiyo-e designs such as Hokusai‘s The Great Wave) we have discussed the possibilities of a unique genuine woodblock reproduction concerning the famous “Home invasion/ Ninja” design from ‘Erotic Book of Conjugal Eddies (Ehon futamigata)‘, issued around 1803.

hokusai for sale

Yuuya Shimoi working on the “Home Invasion” remake

Closely Guarded

The ukiyo-e expert Jack Hillier commented on this series: “It is only by rare good chance that a shunga as rare, or as closely guarded, as Ehon futamigata, is likely to be seen at all!”


The idea for our new project arose because of this rarity and very few know this important piece in its full glory with fresh, vivid colors.

The prints below will serve as an example for the remake…

hokusai for sale

Rape and torture by a masked villain‘ (c.1803-06) from the series ‘Erotic Book of Conjugal Eddies (Ehon futamigata)’ by Katsushika Hokusai

Masked Villain

The image we are talking about is designed by the legendary Hokusai and is one of the most coveted designs in shunga. It portrays a masked villain (ninja) fully dressed in black (except for his purple belt) who has overpowered a couple in their own house. Now he is raping and torturing his tied victims, pointing the blade of his sword dangerously close to the genitals of the desperate male. The terror is almost palpable.

hokusai for sale

Click the image for enlargement

One State

The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife remake was offered in a first and a second state, but this two-parted print will only be issued in a numbered first state edition. Two new blocks will be carved (one for the depiction of the tied male on the left and one for the ninja and the tied girl on the right), and the print will be issued in two parts.


This elaborate remake will really display the whole authentic feel of the original including all the features with excellent green and purple coloring. The applied pigments will be carefully selected by Shimoi, who is one of the few professional woodcut craftsmen working in Japan today.

Caution:  The prints featured in this article are the originals from c.1803 and have some slight fading, but the colors used for this new reproduction will be fresh and vibrant!

hokusai for sale


The image size of this two-part reproduction is close to the original one. Image size (each panel) is 10 2/3” x 8 1/3” inches (27 x 21,2 cm). Total size (two panels joined): 21 1/3″ x 8 1/3″ inches (54 x 21,2 cm).

Small Exclusive Limited Edition

It will be issued in a small exclusive edition of only 80 pieces, and no new addition will be added after that (the blocks will be owned by us!). This is the first and most probably the last time this excellent design will be re-issued in the woodblock medium and it will be only available through or affiliates.

This great piece will most definitely be the attention grabber on your wall…!!

And a true collector’s item for the future!

hokusai for sale


The price will be around Euro 475,- but since we are testing the water and you can not see the end result yet we will offer a substantial discount to the early adventurous subscribers for only Euro 385,- with FREE shipping.

No Risk

Although we are convinced you will be excited about the end result, there will be no risk attached for you because you get 30 days reflection time after receipt of the print(s) and if you are not satisfied for whatever reason you can return it for a full refund (except for the shipping costs).

So don’t miss out on this unique one-time opportunity and join us in realizing this project by subscribing HERE to reserve your copy now!

You can also respond to the e-mail that got you here or directly to the following e-mail address :

hokusai for sale

What experts say about this design:

“…The scene of the robber raping a woman whose husband he has tied up and whom he taunts with the point of his sword, is one of the most horrifying of any shunga of the period … But the malevolent, black-clad figure of the robber is truly monumental and one of the most memorable images of the shunga even of this period.” (Jack Hillier The Art of the Japanese Book (London, 1987)

“…It contains the famous scene, unfolding over four pages, of a rape committed by a bandit while he keeps his victim’s husband at bay with a sword; the husband is tied up and screaming, but is no less sexually aroused than the bandit himself.” (Gian Carlo Calza in Poem of the Pillow and Other Stories by Utamaro, Hokusai…etc.).

hokusai for sale

Some of the testimonials for The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife remake:

“Dear Marijn, The octopus has arrived safely. Wonderful, wonderful. I suspect from the robust packaging that you’ve sent this kind of thing before. I was wondering if you’d thought of making a nicely printed version of the translated text to accompany it, perhaps on the same (format) paper but a different technique. Could be a nice add-on. Anyway, it’s great. My compliments to the artist. What’s next, ha ha.” (Mark P. – Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

“Received with thanks! Superb.” (Henry K. – Toronto, Canada)

“Dear Marijn, Just wanted you to know that I received the print in perfect condition and I am extremely pleased with it! I am so happy that I had the opportunity to add this special print to my collection. Thank you very, very much! All my best, Alan.” (Alan J. – MA, USA)

“The remakes arrived last Friday in perfect condition. Thanks a lot. Kind regards, Philippe.” (Philippe – Paris, France)

“Hi Marijn, Item is very nice. I just purchased the first state which is great and very similar to the original. I am always interested in an old edition. If anytime you can provide, please, let me know.” (Miquel – Majorca)

“Hello Marijn, 

I’ve successfully received the print. The quality is great, it’s a lovely job. I’m very grateful, and I’m seeking for the best place in my home to place the print! (Olga L.Z. – Nayarit, Mexico)

Testimonial for the original “Ninja/ Home Invasion” piece:

Dear Marijn,

I want you to know that the Hokusai arrived safely and in perfect order in Beverly Hills thanks to your excellent packing. The customs people did open the box to examine the contents but, fortunately, because you had packed it so well they didn’t do any damage. The idea of putting the print first in a mailing tube and then in a box was brilliant!

It’s an absolutely beautiful piece! The colors are far more vivid than even in your JPEG of it. I am absolutely delighted to have it and thank you very much!!!

Kindest personal regards and thanks, your friend and customer,

(Fred K., Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA)

hokusai for sale

Don’t miss out on this unique one-time opportunity and help us pay tribute to the great Hokusai by reserving your copy HERE…!

You can follow the elaborate progress of the production process step by step with commentary by Yuuya Shimoi below…

hokusai for sale

I have finished the keyblock. Next , I’ll do the test print to check the line and carve to revise each line in a small degree to approach more to the original.

Hokusai for sale

Hokusai for sale

Hokusai for sale

Filing the line to be soft impression.Since I consider damage or distortion of lines are “taste” of the original so make them same as the original unless they pose an obstacle to appreciation. It’s more important how similar it is than how beautiful.

Hokusai for sale

“Putting a ruler…you can see how small it’s carved”

Hokusai for sale

“Hairline part is one of the must -see parts of shunga. I don’t want you to only look at it but also to feel it.”

Hokusai for sale

“I’ve almost finished the revision carving. Now I’m doing a process of color separation.”

hokusai for sale

“I’ve finished to carve the other keyblock.” (24/4 – Yuuya Shimoi)

hokusia for sale

“Carving of the facial expression of the female figure”

hokusai for sale

“Block of the left design featuring the tied male”

hokusai for sale

‘I’ve finished all the blocks, now I’m going to make the trial prints. It will take some extra time to complete since now I have to do carve for subtle revision and making pigments for the real printing.’ (Yuuya Shimoi)

hokusai for sale

Early Bird Discount

A lot of clients already have reserved a copy and you can also still benefit from our early bird discount. The final price will be Euro 475,- but if you reserve your piece now we can offer it to you now for Euro 350,- including shipping.

So don’t procrastinate and subscribe HERE…!! Do it now… if you snooze you lose…!!