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Blog Contest: How Can You Win This Remake Of The Dream Of The Fishermans Wife Print?

Blog Contest: How Can You Win This Remake Of The Dream Of The Fishermans Wife Print?

Why a Shunga Gallery blog contest? Although, Japanese shunga is considered as erotic art of the highest order globally, as underlined by important exhibitions such as that of the British Museum in 2013, of its fame we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Without The Fear

It’s our intention to offer a platform (including a forum later this year) for shunga fans and collectors to enjoy, discuss and learn more about this fascinating and important art without the fear of censorship.

Attractive Prizes

In our neverending efforts to promote this great art we have decided to hold frequent contests with the chance of winning attractive prizes for all the followers of our blog and on social media.


The contest is simple. All you have to do is to comment to this post and leave your name (in the comment box below this page!).

Randomly Selecting

The winner will be announced both through our newsletter and the social media platforms on which we are active on the 20th of March after randomly selecting a name by drawing it out of a bowl the old fashioned way.


So what’s in it for the winner? A lovely genuine woodblock reproduction of Hokusai‘s classic ‘The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife‘ print ! Carved by the highly-skilled Japanese artist Yuuya Shimoi who is one of the few schooled woodblock craftsmen working in Japan today.

dream of the fisherman's wife print for sale

The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife print‘ (2018)


Published only in a small exclusive edition, this coveted woodblock print can be yours! In short, the rules again. Comment and leave your name. Random winner selected on March 20th and will be announced March 22nd. Prize will be shipped worldwide and free. Good luck!

Announcement of the winner

the dream of the fishermans wife print

First, we want to thank all the particpants of the contest and for the many enthusiastic reactions we have received. This means a lot to us and we are further strengthened in our conviction to make shunga known to a large audience. But enough talk…

who is the winner? …Drum roll…

the dream of the fishermans wife print

Olga (e-mail: insideawhale…)! Congratulations Olga to winning this lovely remake of The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife! Be sure to e-mail us your complete shipping address. Thanks to you all for your participation and making this a successful contest!

Don’t worry if you didn’t win. will organize more contests and competitions in the future!

I will take some time to respond to all your nice comments individually in the coming week!

Click HERE for more information on the The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife print remake…!!

Comment Section

25 thoughts on “Blog Contest: How Can You Win This Remake Of The Dream Of The Fishermans Wife Print?

By Pieter Post on 11 March 2019

Goed bezig shungagallery

By F. Kellet on 11 March 2019

Good luck!

By Roger Latour on 11 March 2019

Good luck with this new platform. I can’t wait to see it in action!

By Robert Soderstrand on 11 March 2019

Looking forward to reading the blogs!

By Peter on 11 March 2019

My private thoughts on this ” famous” print are of a different one.
As a woman is attacked by these monsters,she must be dreaming a nightmare.
I think the title need to change in The nightmare of the fisherman s wife.
There are more prints with a misleading title,in Hokusai.
The act coming close to a rape or even worse.
During the presentation over this year all the inhumanly acts on sexual behaving passed.
This could be food for a deranged mind..
I stress the thought for some may need professional help.
Non the less I enjoyed your presentation from a more distant point of view.

By Alan Ventetuolo on 11 March 2019

Hello Marijn,
This is fantastic! ShungaGallery has become my go to blog for everything Shunga. As someone who purchased a first state print by Yuuya Shimoi, I can guarantee that the lucky winner of this draw will indeed by very pleased. Kudos on all the exciting plans for the future and a BiG thank you for all your passionate hard work to promoting Shunga and educating us all in the process. By the way, I have already purchased a couple of gems from your store, and in both cases, items were quickly shipped and expertly packed. Thank you!

By Rene Donais on 11 March 2019

Your blog is always interesting. Thank you !

By Nickos Morfopos on 12 March 2019

Love this

By John Hicks on 12 March 2019

One of my favorite images.

By Isis on 13 March 2019

I’m Isis! Hope to get this beautiful print!
Greetings from México

By Gary Hopkins on 17 March 2019

Good luck everyone, including me! 😉

By J. Bender on 18 March 2019

Nice Piece!

By MarkP on 18 March 2019

It has been a joy to watch this site develop over the years into a true resource for all things shunga (and more!). A recent example is the publication of the English translation of the text on the Fisherman’s Wife print (which I’d still love to see printed in a similar way to the reprint and made available). The extended thematic articles (like the one about octopi-in-art that accompanied the announcement of this reprint) also contain numerous invaluable clues and pointers. My (usually) Monday morning e-mails from Marijn always get my week off to a good start!

By Andrew Hawkins on 20 March 2019

Fantastic offer! Would love to win this print.

By Sandro Barros on 20 March 2019

Yes i want this nice erotic art !
Hello fron Brasil 🇧🇷 .

By Bruce Robinson on 20 March 2019

Don’t underestimate the intelligence of an octopus.

By Julie Jacobsen on 20 March 2019

My name is Julie.

By Hillary Mwakio on 20 March 2019

Interesting piece. Great blog.

By Andrés Espinosa on 20 March 2019

I’m gonna get lucky

By Guillermo on 20 March 2019

My daughter loves this print

By Olga on 20 March 2019

I would love to have this piece

By Andy on 20 March 2019

The nightmare of the fisherman s wife, a beautiful piece

By Sergio on 20 March 2019


By carnesi on 21 March 2019

big fan of shungagallery, ints wonderfull that you still post on tumblr and fill my dashboard with beautiful images and great information, keep the good work!

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