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Join Our New Free Blog Contest and Win This Charming Shunga Gem

Join Our New Free Blog Contest and Win This Charming Shunga Gem

Welcome again to our new blog contest in which you can win a lovely shunga piece. Just like the previous contest in March the rules are simple. All you have to do is to comment to this post and leave your name (in the comment box below this page!).

Expires May 4

You can subscribe until Saturday, 4 May (expires at midnight!). The winner will be announced both through our newsletter and the social media platforms on which we are active on Monday, May 6 after randomly selecting a name by drawing it out of a bowl the old fashioned way.


So what’s in it for the winner? A rare koban-sized shunga featuring a furtive rendez-vous between an attentive samurai and a female traveller wearing a giant hat making love behind a giant curtain in the open-air. The insert features a male smoking a pipe.


It was designed by an unidentified member of the Utagawa school around 1850. Koban size: 4 4/5” x 3 2/3” inches. Fine impression (with metallic pigment details), color and very good condition. Slight folding (barely visible).

shunga blog

Samurai with traveller’ (c.1850) by a member of the Utagawa school (Normally offered for Euro 175,- on our site!)

Rare Gem

This rare shunga gem can be yours! In short, the rules again. Comment and leave your name in the comment box below. You’ve got until Saturday, 4th May (midnight!) to subscribe. Random winner will be selected on Sunday, May 5th and will be announced Monday, May 6th. Prize will be shipped worldwide and free. Good luck!

And the winner is…

shunga blog

Alan James! Congratulations Alan to winning this ancient shunga piece! Be sure to e-mail us your complete shipping address.

Thanks to all participants and good luck at our upcoming contest later this month..!!

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6 thoughts on “Join Our New Free Blog Contest and Win This Charming Shunga Gem

By Pieter Post on 26 April 2019

I love how the samurai is “anguishly” looking around him.

By Virginia Orr on 26 April 2019

Love your blog!

By jeff faerber on 27 April 2019


By Alan James on 2 May 2019

I really like the furtive glance of the Samurai. It seems that at that moment he realizes that there is someone watching his indiscretion. The pipe is a nice touch!

By Bruce Robinson on 3 May 2019


By Rene Donais on 3 May 2019

Your blog is always exciting !

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