You Can Win This Amusing Shunga Treasure Featuring “Phallus Devotion”..!
Marijn Kruijff
1 min

You Can Win This Amusing Shunga Treasure Featuring "Phallus Devotion"..!

1 min

Welcome to a new Shunga Gallery’s blog contest. Your participation is FREE and SIMPLE and you will have a GREAT CHANCE to win a UNIQUE PRIZE.

Review eBook and/or Blog

To have a GREAT CHANCE of winning the prize, all you have to do is download your free eBook on Hokusai‘s Complete Shunga Legacy and only leave a short review on the eBook or about our blog at the bottom of this page!

Short Testimonial

For those who haven’t downloaded the free eBook yet, you can do so by clicking HERE…! If you already have, you can leave your (short) testimonial of the eBook at the end of this page!

Expires Wednesday 26 June

The contest ends Wednesday 26 June 2019 at midnight. Winner will be randomly selected on Thursday 27 June and announced Friday 28 June through our newsletter and social media platforms.


So what can you win? We have selected a rare authentic piece from our collection that features a striking image of “phallus devotion”. The design is attributed to Utagawa Kunisada II (1823-1880). Fine impression, color and near fine condition (only thin backing!). Date: c.1855. Koban size: 4 4/5” x 3 2/3” inches.

Shōgun Phallus

“A male wearing a moustache, sitting on a rug, has dressed his enormous erected phallus like a shōgun (including kanmuri hat) while a female subordinate devoutly kneels in front of him. Shōguns were the military dictators of Japan during the period from 1185 to 1868.”

phallus devotion

Phallus devotion‘ (c.1855) from the series ‘Shunkyo karami-dako (Spring Games: Grappling Octopus)‘ attrib. to Utagawa Kunisada II (the price on our site is Euro 285,-)

Rare Gem

This rare shunga gem can be yours! In short, the rules again. Comment and leave your review on the eBook in the comment box below (you can download it here).

You’ve got until Wednesday, 26th June (midnight!) to join. Random winner will be selected on Thursday, June 27th and will be announced Friday, June 28th.

Prize will be shipped worldwide and free.

Good luck!


Before we’ll announce the winner we want to thank all participants for the nice testimonials and feedback you all left….Really Appreciated!!

And the Winner Is…

phallus devotion


Congratulations Michael, we’ll contact you later today..!!

Again thanks to all participants and good luck at our next contest..!!