The Sensual Dialogue Between a Copulating Couple At the Beach
Marijn Kruijff
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The Sensual Dialogue Between a Copulating Couple At the Beach

2 min

This suggestive image attributed to Terazaki Kogyo (1866–1919) is one of the best-known shunga designs of the Meiji era. It features a young couple wearing the latest fashion making love while standing in shallow water.

Intimate couple at sea

Intimate couple at sea‘ (c.1899) from the series ‘Izumo no chigiri (Pledge of Izumo)‘ attrib. to Terazaki Kogyo

Meiji-era Erotica

The design is from a set of twelve prints entitled Izumo no chigiri (Pledge of Izumo). In terms of its themes, characters, novel scenarios and palette of bright lithographic colours, the set is represantitive of late Meiji-era erotica. The title clearly plays on the popularity of Yakumo no chigiri (Poetic Interlude aka. Pledge of Yakumo) by Tomika Eisen, while referring directly to the ancient Izumo shrine in Shimane prefecture.

sumi-e shunga Kogyo

Black and white key-block

Seaside Bathing

The custom of seaside bathing was introduced in the Meiji era (1868-1912), and provided the opportunity for women to socialize with men and to show off their figures in fashionable new bathing suits.


In the dialogue the woman here says, ‘Stop! Someone might see. We should go home.’The man replies, ‘I can’t wait till we get home. There’s no one around; it’s fine. But mind your footing, and hang on to my neck.’ He is obviously oblivious to the other bather close by.

Intimate couple on the beach

Intimate couple on the beach‘ (c.1890s ) attrib. to Ikeda Terukata (1883-1921)

Intimate couple in the dunes

Intimate couple in the dunes‘ (c.1899) from the series ‘Izumo no chigiri (Pledge of Izumo)‘ attrib. to Terazaki Kogyo

Beach Girl

One of Kogyo’s most well-known designs, a landmark piece for the kunchi-e (frontispieces of books) genre and Japanese prints from the early 20th century in general, is the one entitled ‘Beach Girl‘. The image shows a young girl in a bathing suit on the beach, her long hair flowing down her back. She is holding the ties of her straw hat while leaning on a large rock. This outstanding illustration was part of the novel ‘Bijin no Kaisuiyoku‘. It was printed in the traditional Japanese woodblock technique and issued in 1903.

terazaki kogyp beach girl

Beach Girl‘ (1903)

3D video by Gidon Kobayashi…

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Source: ‘Shunga, Sex and Pleasure in Japanese art‘ by Timothy Clark et al. (The British Museum)

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