The 12 Most Viewed Articles of the Year 2020
Marijn Kruijff
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The 12 Most Viewed Articles of the Year 2020

5 min

For the fourth consecutive year, we take a look at our 12 most read articles of 2020. There are no fewer than six new arrivals and also a new number one. Popular are the articles on close-up erotica, contemporary erotic artists, and of course the inevitable tentacle eroticism!

Now without further ado, the most popular articles of 2020…

At 12) The Sensual World of Senju Shunga

Just like last year, our article about the Swedish artist Senju Shunga that we published in 2017, closes the list. This was our first encounter with this former tattooist whose art is heavily inspired by classical shunga and ukiyo-e. Inside you’ll find our descriptions of his early work.

Soon we’ll pay attention to new work by this always surprising artist.

senju shunga hasu

Hasu (Lotus)‘ (2017) by Senju Shunga

11) Yuji Moriguchi and His Disturbing School Girl Fantasies

In this article, the first new arrival, special attention for Yuji Moriguchi’s fascination with tentacle love and school girls including numerous stimulating pictures. Also, more info on the special relationship between the artist and his client.

yuji moriguchi octopus

10) Namio Harukawa and His Insatiable Buttocks Fetish

The passing of Namio Harukawa in April resulted in a lot of traffic to this article via search engines and social media. Harukawa was one of Japanese leading fetish artists, known for his love of corpulent dominant women humiliating fragile males. Prepare for some unforgettable “face-sitting” fantasies. Also includes the answer to the question about ‘Who is the world famous pop star who promoted Harukawa on Instagram?’

Namio Harukawa bondage art

9) Ozuma Kaname and His Tortured Tattooed Beauties

In this blog you can check out why Ozuma Kaname’s tattoo paintings are seen as masterpieces among irezumi connoisseurs.

ozuma kaname art

8) Why Is Oral Sex Seldomly Seen in the Art of Shunga?

Up one place compared to last year, this post on oral sex as portrayed in shunga, not only answers the question in the headline but also includes dozens of enticing examples.

oral sex art

Detail of ‘The monk Dōkyō performing cunnilingus to his lover, the empress Kōken‘ (c.1837) from the series ‘Azuma Genji‘ by Utagawa Kunisada

7) Utagawa Kunisada’s Complete Masterpiece ‘Azuma Genji’

Also new in the list this article about Kunisada’s erotic masterpiece ‘Azuma Genji‘ including all the mesmerizing tableaux from the three books. Look for the insatiable horny monk Dōkyō, the ‘illuminated’ couple, the masturbating female, close-ups of genitals and female heads and much more…

kunisada genji

Intimate couple in the spotlight‘ (c.1837) from the series ‘Azuma Genji‘ by Utagawa Kunisada

6) The Forbidden Art of Vintage Erotic Pictures

Up four places, this blog takes us to the banned pornography of yesteryear.

vintage erotic picture

Sensual threesome‘ (c.1910s)

5)  Striking Close-Up Intercourse Designs in the Art of Shunga

The former number one has dropped four places. The Japanese masters really show their mastery in this “landscape” genre. Inside many captivating examples!

close up intercourse and insert

Intercourse close-up including insert of an ejaculating penis inside a vagina‘ (c.1830) attrib. to Kunisada

4) Vagina Close-up Designs in Japanese Erotic Toy Prints

As said, close-up designs are popular. And the female genitalia triumphs over all!

vagina close up

Frontispiece depicting a vagina close-up‘ (c.1857) from the series ‘36 Excellent Selections of Beautiful Gems‘ by Koikawa Shozan

3) Tentacle Erotica: Prepare For Some Notoriously Graphic Octopus Images..!

The highest new entry is our extensive analysis of the Tentacle erotica phenomenon with over 150 exciting images.

tentacle erotica geisha

Geisha and octoopus‘ (source;

2) The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife and Its Influence on Tentacle Erotica

From 5 to 2. This is our most consistent and most read article over the years. It offers the most comprehensive treatment (including over 160 images!) on this most popular piece of erotica ever and has been regularly updated since 2016.

‘Ambush‘ by Penny Siopis

Ambush‘ (2008) by Penny Siopis

And the new number one is…

1) The Macabre Porn Art by Toshio Saeki

Toshio Saeki is the second big name in contemporary erotic art that has passed us this year (actually 2019, but the news of his death was only known to the general public in 2020). His incomparable paintings offer a unique mix of humor and horror and make him one of the most important erotic artists of the last decades. The article includes some new insights on the artist and numerous exciting examples of his mastery.

toshio saeki peeing girl

139 Articles

Last year we published 139 articles (with the help of our new co-producer Darya), two new eBooks and increased the frequency of new content from two to three times a week. In the short term we will also expand our platform with a forum. We’ll keep you posted!

Anyway, we wish you all the best in 2021 and hope to see you on the other side!

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