Yuji Moriguchi and His Disturbing Schoolgirl Fantasies
Marijn Kruijff
4 min

Yuji Moriguchi and His Disturbing Schoolgirl Fantasies

4 min

Yuji Moriguchi is taking us into the world of secret sensual fantasies of seemingly innocent-looking adolescent girls (often schoolgirls in uniform). Besides these girls, his erotic vocabulary includes bestiality with octopuses (large and small), dogs, snails, koi carps (Fig.11.), shibari (bondage) elements, wooden dildo‘s, and monsters and spirits originating from ancient Japanese folktale and mythology.

diptych with sensual female and butterfly with cupboard and mirror with skeleton reflection by yuji moriguchi


yuji moriguchi: young girl and a doll in a coffin


Undisguised Lust

In his art Yuji examines controversial subjects such as the portrayal of young girls displaying their undisguised lust. His art provides a nice mixture of classical Asian and contemporary Western painting techniques.


He was trained in the traditional Japanese style of painting but his first love was the manga genre (which was actually started by Katsushika Hokusai). As a manga artist he is much sought after, and works under the pen name Namida Zubon.

yuji moriguchi: young girl sitting in a room with flowers



A lot of Yuji’s work spring to live in a special way in which the future owner of his paintings plays an important part. The commissioner offers the artist the themes he is interested in, his preferences and special requests. This kind of relationship between artist and client (surimono*) was also not uncommon during the Edo** era.

yuji moriguchi: pregnant ama diver sitting at the seashore with tentacles all over her body


Yuji seems to have a lifelong fascination with Hokusai’s The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife (see Fig.4. and 5) since it is, besides the school girls, by far the most included element in his paintings.

ama diver laying on the rocks while an octopus performs oral sex on her by Yuji Moriguchi


girl sitting on the veranda while a small octopus explores her feet by yuji moriguchi


young girl sitting on an octopus in the room with in the background a screen featuring a giant wave and a cat sitting in the entrance by yuji moriguchi


The following video offers an entertaining collage of Yuji Moriguchi’s exciting art…

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*surimono means commisioned print
**Edo is former Tokyo


For those who can not get enough of the art of Yuji Miroguchi, just a few more…

female beauty wearing a colorful kimono depicted form the rear with a demon spider depicted on the screen in the background byyuji moriguchi


tiger spider and geisha by yuji moriguchi


girl embracing a carp against a black background and red sun by yuji moriguchi


young girl at the beach embracing a giant octopus by Yuji Moriguchi


enigmatic girl wearing a red kimono depicting oni with flames in the background by yuji moriguchi


Yuji Moriguchi: girl lifting up her dress with a dog licking her private parts


Yuji Moriguchi: possessed girl standing on a giant butterfly


pencil sketch by Yuji Moriguchi


fallen female with bags of groceries surround her watched by two kids by Yuji Moriguchi


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