The 12 Most Popular Blog Posts of the Year 2019
Marijn Kruijff
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The 12 Most Popular Blog Posts of the Year 2019

7 min

As usual we close the year with a top 12 of the most viewed articles on our site in 2019. Only six of last year’s top 12 remained and there are some surprising shifts again. The content concerning close up genitalia continues to be popular, just like the posts on Chinese erotica and modern shunga.


Fortunately our removal from Tumblr earlier this year (they “progressed” from the most liberal platform to the most prudish stopping place!) had little effect on the traffic to our site because our organic (search engines) reach is increasing. The latter is more valuable because of the engagement.

Torture Scene

This year was a fruitful one, we added 96 articles, issued 3 eBooks and released our own unique woodblock remake of the famous book illustration with the notorious torture scene involving a ninja terrorizing a couple in their own house. Thanks to all who already purchased a copy.

close up genitalia: Hokusai shunga masterpiece

Unique remake of Hokusai’s notorious double-page illustration from ‘Erotic Book of Conjugal Eddies (Ehon futamigata)‘ (2019) by Yuuya Shimoi (Price)

Now, let’s take a look at the most popular articles of 2019…

12) The Sensual World of Senju Shunga

Just in the top 12, the number one of last year is the first article in which we paid attention to the extraordinary shunga art of the Swedish painter Matti Sandberg, better known as Senju Shunga. In the article you can find my detailed interpretations of his work. There is also a sequel to this article that you can find here. Visitors to this article are provided by Google, Pinterest and Twitter.

Mirror by Senju Shunga

‘Mirror’ by Senju Shunga

11) Juxtaposing Graphic Hentai and Ancient Shunga

These naughty images from the perverted universe of Japanese anime are a guilty pleasure for many of our visitors. Although deeply rooted in manga and shunga, nowadays hentai focuses its attention on the icons of the entertainment industry such as Walt Disney and superheroes.In the article you can find some exciting examples. The main traffic source to this article is Pinterest.

close up genitalia: 'Walt Disney’s Tangled princess Rapunzel bound as used as a waitress and erotic sex slave'

Walt Disney’s Tangled princess Rapunzel bound as used as a waitress and erotic sex slave‘ (Photo source:

10) The Forbidden Art of Vintage Erotic Pictures (NSFW)

Surprisingly, this is the only article we wrote on vintage pornographic pictures that made it to the list. Inside it you will learn about the origins of vintage erotic pictures and some enticing examples. The majority of visitors come from search engines (in particular Google Images)

close up genitalia: Japanese vintage erotic picture featuring a ‘Threesome‘ (c.1920s)

Japanese vintage erotic picture featuring a threesome‘ (c.1920s)

9) Why Is Oral Sex Seldomly Seen in the Art of Shunga?

New in the list is this extensive post on oral sex depicted in shunga that features 26 exciting images on this amusing theme. You can also find the answer to why fellatio scenes are rarely seen in shunga.

close up genitalia: Female performing fellatio

Female performing fellatio‘ from the series ‘Nezamedoko ikuyo no mutsugoto‘ by Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865) (Price)

8) Graphic Penis Close Up Designs in Shunga

The first article in the list to feature genitalia close ups. In this case, we examine the depiction of the penis in shunga. A lot of traffic to this article comes from Google and especially It’s funny because I somehow can’t figure out where the article is being discussed on this site.

close up genitalia: Various penis close-ups by Keisai Eisen

Various penis close-ups‘ (c.1822) from the series ‘Makura Bunko (Pillow Library)‘ by Keisai Eisen

7) Do You Want to Discover the Secrets of Japanese Women Bathing?

The second newcomer takes us to the sensual world of the ancient Japanese bathhouse laminated with 30 exciting examples. It’s a favorite on Pinterest where especially this black and white photo of a public bath by Koichi Uchimura attracts a lot of attention…

genitalia close up: black and white photograph by Koichi Uchimura

Public bath‘ (1985) by Koichi Uchimura

close up genitalia: 3 Females in the bathhouse

Three females in the bathhouse‘ (c.1830) attributed to Kunisada

6) Rare Chinese Erotic Paintings With Bestiality Secrets

An article that treats a striking collection of Chinese erotic paintings depicting the theme of bestiality. The renowned collector Ferdinand Bertholet also gives a short interesting explanation of its rarity. Traffic to this one comes mainly from Pinterest but it also substantially climbed the Google ladder.

genitalia close up: 'Man making love to a fox spirit (kitsune)' by an unknown Chinese artist

Bearded man making love to a fox spirit (kitsune)‘ (c.1920s) by an unknown Chinese artist

5) Katsushika Hokusai’s The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife

Over the years, this article has proved to be the most constant (last year no. 3) with regard to attracting attention. This year we have added dozens of new images with art inspired by this design.

Its popularity was also noticeable in the number of remakes we have sold this year. This iconic design even inspired an entirely new genre called tentacle erotica. It’s my prediction that the article we added on this subject in October will be a serious competitor in the future. Google is the most important traffic source.

close up genitalia: The Fishermans Wife‘ (2019) by Mike Dorsey

The Fishermans Wife‘ (2019) by Mike Dorsey

4) Japanese Sex Toys as Portrayed in Ancient Shunga

An extensive article on all known sex toys used in ancient Japan with numerous images of original pieces and shunga designs with the protagonists utilizing these “tools”. Pinterest is the main purveyor of new visitors.

genitalia close up: an older male sporting a dokata around his penis getting ready to penetrate a young geisha‘

Koban-sized shunga with ‘an older male sporting a dokata around his penis getting ready to penetrate a young geisha‘ (c.1850) by Utagawa school

3) Vagina Close-up Designs in Japanese Erotic Toy Prints

As mentioned earlier, genitalia close ups are a favorable theme within shunga. These kind of designs (intercourse, penis and vagina) were often included in the beginning and/or the end of shunga books (ehon) to emphasize its explicit contents.

close up genitalia: Erotic fold-out “envelope” with vagina close-up's' (c.1850s) by an unknown artist

Erotic fold-out “envelope” with vagina close-ups’ (c.1850s) by an unknown artist

2) Chinese Erotic Art: Shanghai Decadence in the 1920s

The highest new entry is this detailed description of a charming Chinese erotic scroll from Shanghai’s decadent era (late 1920s) consisting of 8 wonderful paintings in the traditional style. Pinterest is its main traffic source.

close up genitalia: Young Chinese couple watching each other in the mirror. The girl is sporting a dildo attached to her heel

Young Chinese couple watching each other in the mirror. The girl is sporting a dildo attached to her heel‘ (late 1920s) by an unknown Chinese artist

1) Striking Close-Up Intercourse Designs in the Art of Shunga

It won’t be a surprise anymore but close-up scenes remain popular. From place 8 to the number one spot, this article not only attracts the attention of the general public but also to people from a specific professional group such as urologists and gynecologists. The article displays numerous fascinating images on the subject. A high Google ranking on the keyword Close up intercourse and Pinterest are the primary traffic sources for the most visited article of 2019.

close up genitalia: A mirror featuring an intercourse close-up of a threesome

A mirror featuring an intercourse close-up of a threesome‘ (c.1840) from the series ‘Keichu ogarakuri’ by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (Price)

close up genitalia: Closeup intercourse with inserted image of the couple‘ (c.1890) attributed to Tomioka Eisen

Intercourse close-up with inserted image of the couple‘ (c.1890) attributed to Tomioka Eisen (1864-1905)

New Articles, eBooks and Contests

Although 2019 was a productive year, it our intention to step up our efforts in 2020 adding even more exciting new articles, eBooks, and contests! We hope you will continue to enjoy our future content (the average click ratio of 60% is extraordinary!) and support our upcoming projects!

Fight Prudishness

With an average of 2 to 3 new members a day we grow steadily but since it is our mission to start a movement that fights the prudishness in art, we need to increase this number. Because the more members, the stronger our movement becomes!

Recommending Our Site

We can not do this alone and therefore really need your help. You can easily help us by recommending our site or for instance share our eBooks to a few people from your network who may be interested in this type of art. Thanks in advance for joining our mission. That really really means a lot to us!

Anyway, we wish you all the best in 2020 and hope to see you on the other side!

What was your favorite article up to now? Leave your comments in the comment box below!