The Sensual Shunga Art of Senju (P2)
Marijn Kruijff
2 min

The Sensual Shunga Art of Senju (P2)

2 min

Welcome back for part 2 (you can find part 1 here) in which we’ll continue to explore the appealing shunga art of the Swedish tattoo artist Senju

Senju shunga - Okame

Okame (Goddess Okame)


The title of the above piece refers to the Goddess Okame. She is involved in a threesome underneath a mosquito-net. Okame known as the woman who revels in her sensuality uses masks and good-luck charms. In Japanese art, Okame is depicted as uncomplicated and somewhat ordinary, yet her realm is the alluring spirit of good fortune and kind acts.

Complicated Affair

Because of the complicated woodblock-printing technique the designs of the ancient woodblock prints including mosquito-nets were a complicated affair for the printer. This was because the vertical and horizontal green lines were overlapped in two printing phases to serve as the weave of the hempen net, over which an additional screen of soft green was applied.

Senju shunga - Kitsunetsuki

Kitusnetsuki (Fox Possession)

Fox Spirit

In a dreamlike setting a woman has exposed her vulva by pulling up her kimono. The image is clearly divided in two parts with the below part in a more blurry fashion and the upper part with vibrant and bright colors. From the above left a kitsune (fox spirit) enters the image. In its mouth, he holds a cut off penis. When we look at the yearning of the woman in the pink kimono it’s not difficult to predict its destination…

Senju shunga - san'ninkon

San’ninkon (menage a trois)


A colorful scene that focuses on the oral activities of an oiran (high-class courtesan) who is involved in a threesome with a colleague and a heavily-tattooed male client. On his request she inserts a black harigata (artificial dildo) into his anus.

Senju shunga - New Year

New Year


A mirror, decorated with a pine tree (clearly inspired on Hiroshige’s famous Plum Tree design) in bloom, reflects an extreme close-up of male and female private parts. The painting is influenced by the ancient surimono (commissioned deluxe print) which were often shared among wealthy merchants at the time.

Senju shunga - Satori

Satori (Awakening)

Hand Job

A bold composition with the latticed windows in the folding doors dividing the image in many separate parts. A chubby Japanese lady gives her male partner a hand job and the scene shows us the moment of ejaculation. The title Satori (which means awakening) has a comical (twofold) undertone…

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