The 12 Most Popular Blog Posts of the Year 2017
Marijn Kruijff
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The 12 Most Popular Blog Posts of the Year 2017

5 min
0 started in 2016 but had a hiatus of approximately 6 months so we have been in the air for a year now. Up to now we have added 231 articles/posts treating a lot of themes, artists, periods, influences within the shunga genre.


At this time a lot of the traffic (two-thirds) comes from social media platforms such as Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube to which I add new content (images, texts and videos) daily. The 12 blog posts below were the most popular in 2017…

12) Bedroom Guide to Spring Scenes by Utagawa Kunisada and Keisai Eisen

One of the earlier articles that discusses the collaboration between the two great masters Utagawa Kunisada and Keisai Eisen. The series, that was named ‘Bedroom Guide to Spring Scenes (Shunshoku neya no shiori)‘ published c.1847, was designed by Kunisada and includes text by Eisen. The article examines some of the designs in detail.

blog post

Pleasure boat‘ (c.1847) from the series ‘Shunshoku neya no shiori (Bedroom Guide to Spring Scenes)‘ by Kunisada/Eisen

11) Juxtaposing Graphic Hentai and Ancient Shunga

A post on the influence of classical shunga on contemporary hentai art. The included video (although censored)  has been recently removed from YouTube but can still be found in the post.

10) The Sensual World of Senju Shunga

An article on the voluptuous erotic work of the tattoo artist Senju Horimatsu (1968) in which I give my vision on his paintings.

senju shunga

Midori‘ (July 2016) by Senju Shunga

9) This Shocking Hentai Video Was Banned From YouTube (NSFW)

In this short post I explain why this notorious video featuring bold erotic content was banned from YouTube. Brace yourselves for some squirting nymphomaniacs, crazy glory hole adventures, masochistic slaves, fisting lesbians under the shower and much more…

blog post

8) How Does the Interior of a Vagina Look Like

Keisai Eisen produced a large amount of anatomical close-ups for his groundbreaking ‘Makura Bunko (Pillow Library)‘. This article investigates some of these detailed pieces concerning the vagina.

vaginal close up

7) The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife and Its Crazy Dialogue

By far the most well known Japanese erotic print, and possibly in the history of art, Hokusai‘s The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife is the topic of this extensive article. It includes the most complete translation available on the internet. Recently some additional pictures of contemporary art inspired by this masterpiece (see image) have been added to it. Most of the visitors to this article come from organic search traffic.

the dream of the fisherman's wife

Octopus‘ (1994) by Hajime Sorayama

6) The Naughty Erotic World of Jeff Fearber (NSFW)

The explicit images of Jeff Faerber‘s shunga art are very popular among NSFW Art followers. The article is the first one we dedicated to this artist and reviews some of his subversive shunga paintings. Faerber also gave a profound and extensive interview to about his inspiration and the influences on his art.

jeff faerber

Couple with orange fan with white blossoms‘ (2011) by Jeff Faerber (1974)

5) Two Exciting Videos of the Sensual Pornographic Art By Senju

A second post on the art of Senju Shunga that is in this Top 12. It features two videos that show the vast majority of his prints. A lot of the traffic to this post comes from Pinterest and Tumblr.

senju shunga

Sagi musume‘ (2017) by Senju Shunga

4) Kitagawa Utamaro’s Early and Scarce Shunga Book

The influential but scarce Utamaro ehon (book) series ‘Picture-book: Dew on the Chrysanthmums’ (c.1786) is the subject of this article. A lot of traffic comes from a YouTube video I made that includes all the designs from the set and that on the day of writing this has close to 1 million views (931503) within 47 days.

kitagawa utamaro

Intimate married couple‘ (c.1786) from the series ‘Picture-book: Dew on the Chrysanthmums’  by Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806)

3) Who Was the Client That Commissioned Kunisada to Portray the Erotic Genji Series

Early article on the luxurious Zodiac series by Kunisada (1786-1865) and the sponsor who commissioned it. Most of the traffic comes from Pinterest.

kunisada genji

The hero Yoshimitsu wearing a black kimono featuring white herons‘ (c.1851) from the series ‘Shõ-utsushi Aioi Genji (A True-life Devoted Genji/ aka Zodiac series)‘ by Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865)

2) Shunga Prints Depicting Sensual Pleasure Using a Harigata

A recent post that went viral on Pinterest mainly through one of the images I added to this platform. It discusses designs that show people (mainly female) amusing themselves with a harigata (dildo).


Koban-sized print featuring a ‘Sex toy called Harigata‘ c.1820s) attributed to Keisai Eisen (1790-1848)

And on number one….

1) The Eccentric Kobayashi Eitaku and His Confrontational Erotic Universe

The makimono scroll called ‘Nikuhitsu shunga makimono‘ published in the 1860s painted by the extraordinary artist Kobayashi Eitaku (1843-1890) is the main subject of this article. Pinterest is the most dominant traffic source for this article.

kobayashi eitaku

Mythical lion figure with orange manes molesting a girl‘ (c.1860s) from the series ‘Nikuhitsu shunga makimono‘ by Kobayashi Eitaku (1843-1890)

Thanks to all viewers, the feedback and your reactions. Please continue to comment and don’t hesitate contacting me if you have any questions on shunga.

We’ll continue to add new interesting content on this magnificent art form in 2018…!!!

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