The Rape of a Bathing Lady By Raijin the Thunder God
24 augustus 2017 
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The Rape of a Bathing Lady By Raijin the Thunder God

In the Edo period, people believed that when a woman was taking a bath during a thunder storm she would be raped by the demon (oniRaijin (aka. Kaminari-sama), a god of lightning, thunder and storms (in the Shinto religion and Japanese mythology).

Thunder God Raijin - shunga - rape

Raijin raping a bathing lady‘ (c.1840) by an unknown member of the Utagawa school

Thunder God Raijin

In this arresting and dynamic depiction the thunder god Raijin is molesting and penetrating a bathing lady. She defends herself vigorously grabbing one of his horns. On the ground lay various drums that were used to create thunder. The drums feature the tomoe symbol. The dramatic effect is enhanced by the lighting above them. A superb scene that displays a strong mythical and cultural context.

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Found other designs with the same theme. In this case the encounter is voluntary. Striking are the heavily-tattooed arms of the woman. It was published circa 1810s and is attributed to Keisai Eisen (1790-1848).

raijin thunder god - erotic print

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Bonus images:

raijin thunder god

Thunder God Raijin falling from the sky‘ (c.1839) from the series ‘Kaidan hyaku bobogatari’ by Keisai Eisen (1790-1848)

raijin thunder god

Raijin making love to a female deity‘ (c.1890) by an anonymous Meiji artist

raijin thunder god

Raijin and Benzaiten (Buddhist Goddess)‘ (c.1870s) by Utagawa school

The thunder godRaijin making love to the Buddhist goddess Benzaiten

'The thunder god Raijin (aka. Kaminari-sama) making love to the Buddhist goddess Benzaiten' (c.1826) from the series 'Keichu Ichakurige' by Utagawa Kuninao (1793-1854).

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