atari Bachelor Party
Alexandre Rodrigues da Costa
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Erotic Atari: When Sex Invaded Atari Games

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Ah, the 80s! Just as video rental stores and newsstands offered a variety of VHS porn movies and magazines for every possible taste, the video game industry also ventured into the world of pornography by producing different games involving sexual content for players who didn't mind losing sleep while everyone else in the house slept.

atari Bachelor Party

Fig.1. Bachelor Party

Erotic Video Game Line

In 1982, several developers released erotic titles aimed at the Atari 2600 market. One of the first companies to venture into this territory was American Multiple Industries, which produced an erotic video game line for the Atari 2600 called Mystique Presents Swedish Erotica. The Swedish Erotica brand name was licensed from a series of pornographic films by the Caballero Control Corporation. This line included the games “Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em”, “Bachelor Party”, and “Custer's Revenge”, and although the cartridges bore the Swedish name, they were actually programmed in the United States and manufactured in Hong Kong. The games were successful, but that didn't stop Atari from suing Mystique to prevent further production. Mystique eventually went bankrupt in 1983 due to the video game crash. However, another company, Playaround, bought the rights to the games and released them with the characters' genders swapped.

erotic atari game Bachelor Party

Fig.2. Bachelor Party

atari Philly Flasher (1982)

Fig.3. Philly Flasher (1982)

Politically Correct

Comparing the erotic games developed for the Atari 2600 with those of today doesn't make much sense, as they were 8-bit games, and the image resolution resembled the human silhouette only in some aspects. The gameplay of the cartridges was also basic, sometimes reminiscent of classic Atari games. However, what perhaps impresses the most is the lack of concern from the developers of these games with what we now call politically correct.

erotic atari game Bachelor Party backside


Custer's Revenge

One of the games that caught attention at the time was "Custer's Revenge," in which the player assumes the role of General George Custer as he, naked and with an erect penis, dodges arrows to have sex with a naked Native American woman. Many critics condemned the game for portraying rape, although the game designer argued that the characters were engaging in consensual sex.

atari Bachlorette Party

Fig.5. Bachlorette Party

Atari game Custer's Revenge

Fig.6. Custer's Revenge

Bachelor Party

Another successful game was "Bachelor Party", which has no connection to the 1984 film of the same name starring Tom Hanks. In this game, the user controls what appear to be breasts (it's hard to be sure due to the game's resolution) that must direct a naked man to a room full of naked women, where he must bump into them, removing them from the board.

atari games Philly Flasher / Beat'Em & Eatem

Fig.7. Philly Flasher / Beat'Em & Eatem

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