Koukishin (curiosity) by Senju Shunga
Senju Shunga
1 min

Koukishin (Curiosity) by Senju Shunga

1 min

After exploring softness and subdued colors in my Shunga print series ”36 Views of Mount Fuji”, I was overcome with an urge for a bolder, stronger palette. Also, I wanted to further explore the sensual world and our human imagination. Can I find the same emotions in the dressed, the barely mentioned and the subtle?

senju shunga 36 bijin (Koukishin)

Fig.3. ”Koukishin (curiosity)” (Jan 2024)

Quest For True Intimacy

My reason for painting what I do has always been a question of trying to capture the beauty of the human heart. For me, it has always been a quest for true intimacy. A matter of leaving behind the stigmas and dogmas that confuse us, deceive us, hides us, shames us and lie to us. Hopefully, and I have no real doubt about the fact, this beauty of the heart will be impossible to capture, graciously compelling me to never stop searching for it.

senju 36 bijin (Koukishin) detail head


senju 36 bijin (Koukishin) detail shunga book


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