An Aroused Couple in the Act of Mutual Masturbation
Marijn Kruijff
1 min

An Aroused Couple in the Act of Mutual Masturbation

1 min

A tanzaku-e sized set of two prints from a set of twelve luxuriously-printed designs with explicit designs and their accompanying prints depicting a more modest image. The text on the right print is either a dialogue between the two protagonists or a commentary on the left print.

Mutual Masturbation

In this case the left print portrays an affectionate couple performing mutual masturbation in a dreamlike setting. An American lantern stands in the background. The right print depicts a discreet image with additional Japanese text which is the actual dialogue between the couple in the left image.

Let’s take a look at the translation of this dialogue below the picture:

Intimate masturbating couple in front of an American lantern

Intimate couple in front of an American lantern (c.1830) attributed to Utagawa Kunisada

Bed dialogue (with American lantern):

Man: “The light is totally different from the light of candles or floor lamps: it’s just brighter and our “game” gets more interesting.  I see your and my “thing” much clearer. It’s great.”

Woman: “I think it’s too bright, I am ashamed.”

Man: “It seems like I am involved with an American lady.”

The man fingering the woman in a blue kimono

Excerpt from the above print

Kunisada’s competitor Keisai Eisen (1790-1848) designed a similar design in a horizontal perspective:

A man and woman performning mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation (c.1820s) by Keisai Eisen

Painting of a young couple caressing each other's private parts

Young couple caressing each other’s private parts (early 20th century) by an unknown artist

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