Insightful Video on the Remaking of Hokusai’s Iconic Shunga
Marijn Kruijff
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Exciting Video on the Remaking of Hokusai's Iconic Shunga

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The following video is a real treat and closely follows some contemporary Japanese woodblock artists working on a project concerning the remake of some iconic shunga art by Hokusai.

Deepest Respect

Inside you will discover detailed info on the woodblock printing process (what are the most difficult area’s to carve?) and also some fascinating insights on shunga art itself. It is fantastic to hear and see how these craftsmen speak with the deepest respect about Hokusai and shunga.


The words of the ukiyo-e prints publisher Eiji Sakai are telling: ‘I believe that shunga prints represent the best of carving and printing skills.’

Click here for a short video on Hokusai’s genius that literally gave me goosebumps….!!

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Gallery photo by Darya

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