The Battle of the Sexes Design By Kunisada
Marijn Kruijff
1 min

The Battle of the Sexes Design As Seen By Utagawa Kunisada

1 min

In this intriguing design we follow the adventures of the mythical figures Beanman and Beanwoman who at this climactic moment have reached the peak of “vaginal mountain.”

Beanman and Beanwoman

Beanman and Beanwoman prepare to attack the Vagina‘ (c.1827) from the series ‘New Tale of the Welling Waters (Sentõ shinwa)‘ by Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865)

Battle of the Sexes

The story is a satirical view of the ‘Battle of the Sexes’ by the author Jujitei Sanku. Little is known about this tale but it is save to say that the underlying theme treats the differences between the genders.

Monster Vagina

“…Even Beanman turns nasty, his world becoming a place of slash and burn in which he cannot progress by sentimental education but only by killing. In Kunisada’s use of the homunculus in his New Tale of the Welling Waters (Sentõ shinwa) of 1827, Beanman must draw his sword to fight off a monster vagina that threatens to engulf him until, quelled, it surrenders to his bidding.” (Timon Screech).

The size of the above print is 11″ x 8 2/3″ inches. It has a fine impression, very good color and is in a very good condition. Only some very slight soiling and two very tiny holes.

The design is depicted on p.250/51 (Ill.121) in ‘Sex and the Floating World: Erotic Images in Japan 1700-1820’ by T. Screech.

The other design from this series featuring Beanman and Beanwoman is the following:

battle of the sexes

Beanman and Beanwoman climbing genital mountains‘  (c.1827) from the series ‘New Tale of the Welling Waters (Sentõ shinwa)‘ by Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865)

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