Three Great Contemporary Japanese Shunga Artists
27 april 2021 
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Three Great Contemporary Japanese Shunga Artists

Nowadays, most erotic works in Japan are designed simply to be superficially attractive and create sexual titillation. A few exceptional artists, among them Miki Maruhashi and Mani Rho, integrate figures from modern animation into traditional shunga, in an effort to highlight the similarities as well as the changes in costumes and in the style and the taste of the periods and the artists. Another exception is the artist Hiroyuki Kojima, who skillfully combines animation figures into scenes from ancient and traditional Japan.

Hiroyuki Kajima

Fig.1. ‘Penis Festival‘ (2008) painted on paper by Hiroyuki Kajima

Hiroyuki Kajima erotic manga

Fig.2. ‘Summer Festival Stage Drum‘ (2008) painted on paper by Hiroyuki Kajima

contemporary shunga rho

Fig.3. ‘Edo Views‘ (2010) hand-painted hanging scroll on silk by Mani Rho

manga shunga

Fig.4. ‘Some Things Don’t Change, Some Things Do‘ (2010) hand-painted on paper by Miki Maruhashi

Tengu festival erotic

Fig.5. ‘Tengu Festival‘ (2008) painted on paper by Hiroyuki Kajima

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Source: ‘Japanese Erotic Art‘ by Shagan Ofer

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