Marijn Kruijff
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The Elegant Transformation of a Heterosexual Into a Gay Couple

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Recently I discovered two chuban-sized shunga designs created by Kikugawa Eizan (1787- 1867) that are from the same blocks but feature two various couples. With two small adjustments he transforms the couples from a heterosexual into a homosexual one. An example that shows the force of the minimalism used in ukiyo-e.

Let’s have a look at these two designs:

eizan kikugawa - shunga - chuban

Fig.1. ‘Male lover and courtesan‘ (c.1810s) by Eizan

Figure 1 shows a heterosexual couple with the male mounting the girl from the rear. The translation below will help to shine a light on their liaison.

Hot Love Affair

Above scene treats a hot love affair between the so-called Mr. Manager and Miss Domestic. The manager was savoring the barely legal domestic servant when their master was not at home. Meat of rot on the verge is very delicious. He has a soft spot for her meat.

Manager: “I love you. Let’s get married when you are finished with your prostitute service. And everyday and everynight, see your meathole.

Miss Domestic: “Please stir my meat soup with your club as much as you like sir!“*

eizan - gay

Fig.2. ‘Mature male penetrating adolescent male‘ (c.1810)

In this second design (I am not sure which one was the earlier impression) the young girl has been replaced by a young man. Only the testicles on the submissive young male have been added and his hairstyle has been changed.

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*Translation by Airi Nakano