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Man Carrying Money Into a Vaginal Storehouse

One convention of shunga is a set of twelve pictures that reference the main annual event in each month of the year. In this twelfth and final design from Kyosai‘s series ‘Picture Calendar with Erotic Scenes of the Twelve Months‘ (1869) we watch a man carrying money into a storehouse on Kan-no-iri.


It’s the beginning of midwinter, when the seasonal cold intensifies. In shunga and shunpon*, a vagina is sometimes compared to a treasury. Kyosai‘s depiction can be said to be almost ‘scientifically anatomical’ in its accuracy.

erotic treasure - kyosai

Vaginal storehouse (the Twelfth month)‘ (1869) from the series ‘Picture Calendar with Erotic Scenes of the Twelve Months‘ by Kawanabe Kyosai

Click HERE for the amusing first month design of this series including a gay couple !

*shunpon is literally translated ‘Pornographic book’. The kanji for shunpon is 春本.

Source: ‘Sex and Laughter with Kyosai: Shunga from the Israel Goldman Collection‘ by Ishigami Aki and S. Koto

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