The Perverted Nuns of the Spanish Painter Galan Eyacule
Marijn Kruijff
2 min

The Perverted Nuns of the Spanish Painter Galan Eyacule

2 min

Traditionally, like authors in erotic literature, visual artists creating explicit sensual work often use a pseudonym. This also applies to the Spanish artist Galan Eyacule whose work is devoted to the creation of erotic paintings both in oil and digital painting.

Lustful Nuns

Little is known about Eyacule except that he is clearly influenced by contemporary pornography and has a fascination with the female sin of celibacy (with an emphasis on the oral facets) as shown in the drawings and paintings of lustful nuns below…

Galan Eyacule nun

Oil painting  ‘Perverse Nun or The Prayer‘ (2013)

Galan Eyacule

Oil painting  ‘Three Nuns Praying‘ (2017)

Galan Eyacule nuns

Oil painting ‘Maitines or The New Novice‘ (2013)

Galan Eyacule sketch

Pencil drawing ‘The Nun‘ (2013)

Galan Eyacule nun fellatio

Pencil drawing ‘Slow Blowjob‘ (2013)

Galan Eyacule lustful nun

Oil painting ‘The Convent Attic‘ (2013)

nun from the rear Galan Eyacule

Oil painting ‘On the Altar‘ (2013)

Other not “nun” related work…

Galan Eyacule Moonlight on a grave

Moonlight on a Grave‘ (2013)

Galan Eyacule against the wall

Against the Wall‘ (2013)

Galan Eyacule T-Shirt Girl

T-Shirt Girl‘ (2013)

Galan Eyacule the water fairy

The Water Fairy‘ (2013)

Galan Eyacule my little sister

My Little Sister‘ (2017)

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