Mesmerizing 'On the Side' Erotica of Rupert Everton
17 april 2023 
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Mesmerizing 'On the Side' Erotica of Rupert Everton

Best known under the moniker Alexis Flower with which he works incessantly on the pornographic epic I Roved Out in Search of Truth and Love (two extensive volumes already), the prolific and indecently gifted illustrator Rupert Everton is a master at displaying alluring backdrops of both the natural and libidinous varieties.

Compelling Magnetism

Featuring a style that blends in and out of richly detailed and abstract representation, his art is vibrant and immediately identifiable, rich and saturated colors glowing off the page. Everton's characters are rendered with compelling magnetism, nicely balancing between realism and the cartoonish, lending a lot of charm to the characters, during or after intercourse.

Abundance of Fluids

The anatomy is beautiful as well, unique to each individual character and with a stunning palpable fleshiness, with remarkable attention to detail to the implausible abundance of bodily fluids he seems to take particular enjoyment in illustrating.


Before becoming successful and working almost exclusively on I Roved Out, Everton also produced 'on the side' work, either commissioned or working on ideas. Much of this work can be admired in the images below...

rupert everton nude on bed


nude covered in semen on bed hentai


gothic female covered in semen rupert everton


from the rear hentai rupert everton


rupert everton cinderella


rupert everton tied Cinderella


rupert everton hentai artist


rupert everton hentai art


rupert everton erotic comic artist


rupert everton squirting female


rupert everton comic artist


erotic comics of Rupert Everton


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