Shock Shunga with Brigand Overpowering and Raping a Scary Beauty
01 oktober 2016 
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Shock Shunga with Brigand Overpowering and Raping a Scary Beauty

The rude man in the foreground in this Kitagawa Utamaro design is a bandit. He was going to commit a robbery on the mountain trail but changed his mind. Instead he begins to rape the lady because of her beauty. The man in the background is an incompetent vassal. He has turned his tail and runs. The woman covers her face because she’s ashamed.

A bandit has desided to rape a beautiful lady.

Rape of an ashamed girl‘ (c.1786). Attributed to Kitagawa Utamaro

Translation Japanese text by Airi Nakano:

Man: “Which do you prefer to be naked here without your underwear and obi (a sash for a Japanese dress or kimono) by being deprived, or to make my cock satisfied right now? Choose yourself! …… This short sword for killing a man, this sword of my crotch for killing a woman. What’s the matter with you? You give a moan of pleasure, huh? What a sad creature the women are!”

Woman: “You’re the devil. Shhh haaaa! Forgive me. Please God, would you please forgive me that I feel ecstasy as I’m raped.”

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