Original Utamaro Prints For Sale 喜多川 歌麿 春画
16 augustus 2017 
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Original Utamaro Prints For Sale 喜多川 歌麿 春画

In ukiyo-e prints, Utamaro‘s work is said to have been at its finest in 1793-1796 and then to have declined rapidly. His paramount accomplishment in shunga dates from 1799 and he carried on to produce fine work as late as 1805.

The following Utamaro prints for sale (available in our gallery) are from this period:

Laughing Drinker - Utamaro

Relaxing Couple‘ From the series ‘Ehon warai jogo’ (The Laughing Drinker)’, c.1803.


An influential shunga design with both protagonists each on the far end of the design. The woman holds on to one her hair-pins while she is trying to maintain her balance.

Rape Scene - Utamaro

Rape in a Garden‘ From the series: ‘Ehon hana fubuki (Picture-book of Flowers in Violent Bloom)‘, c.1802.


A compelling image that portrays a daunting rape scene that takes place between rice straw piles. Three men are forcing themselves upon a frightened woman. One of the assailants sports a tattoo on his upper right arm with a skeleton playing a shamisen (three-stringed instrument). Hana fubuki was produced at the same time in polychrome and in black-and-white versions.

Utamaro -shunga - threesome

Threesome‘ (c.1802) from the series ‘Ehon karanishiki (Picture-Book of the Chinese Brocade)


A prosperous male is being pampered by two gorgeous courtesans.

Utamaro prints for sale

Wet hair‘ (c.1803) from the series: ‘Ehon warai jogo (The Laughing Drinker)

Wet Hair

A young man is having sex with his mistress while caressing one of her breasts. Her hair is still wet because she was interrupted while doing her hair.

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Beautiful, sensual, and passionate work. A true celebration of the erotic spirit between and in men and women!



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Thanks a lot Carmelo, I can only agree!

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