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Hilarious Shunga Book with Grotesque Erotica by Akatsuki No Kanenari

The author and illustrator from Osaka who produced the comical erotic scenes below, Akatsuki no Kanenari (1793-1861) is a lesser-known name within the shunga genre because he mainly published essays, novels, comic novels and non-erotic books. Also, shunga were predominantly produced in the pleasure quarters of the Yoshiwara in Edo (now Tokyo) only.

Soy Sauce Maker

Kanenari was born as the fourth son of the well-known soy sauce maker, Izumiya Tahei. He developed his drawing style under the guidance of Shokosai Hanbei. He used several “Go” (studio names) such as Kimura, Meikei, Keimeisha, Kiya Yukishige and Gyoseio.

Chubby Females

The 12 satirical illustrations from Kanenari’s ‘Gugen sansai chie (Foolish Talk, Three Years’ Wisdom)‘ are remarkable, to to say the least. For example, there is the scene with the two chubby females sitting on a phallic shaped rock (Fig.6 – left page) while playing with two harigata (strap-on dildo). Or what about the penis and scrotum-shaped foo-dog (Fig.2 – right page).

Akatsuki no Kanenari

Fig.1. Double page illustration from the book series ‘Gugen sansai chie (Foolish Talk, Three Years’ Wisdom)‘, c.1818-29 by Akatsuki no Kanenari

Akatsuki No Kanenari phallus and scrotum shaped foo dog


Akatsuki No Kanenari bound penis


Akatsuki No Kanenari strap-on dildo, vulva and phallus shaped figures


Akatsuki No Kanenari mature chubby lady squeezing her boobs


Akatsuki No Kanenari females playing with strap-on dildos and well hung acrobatic male


Akatsuki No Kanenari


Akatsuki No Kanenari: tagaigata double-sided dildo


Akatsuki No Kanenari: intimate couple and phallus humor


Akatsuki No Kanenari: courtesan sitting on the back of a desperate male


Akatsuki No Kanenari: phallic humor


Akatsuki No Kanenari: erotic caricatures


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