Stars and Sex:
27 oktober 2021 
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Stars and Sex: "Nude Zodiac" Series by Antonio Peinado, Part Two

In the second part of our horoscope voyage (first part), we'll examine the rest six zodiac signs as described by Goodman and photographed by Peinado!

Libra by Antonio Peinado

Fig. 1. Libra by Antonio Peinado (

Libra (September 23 to October 23)


The Libra male is a sex-ridden love-mad man as the planetary ruler of his Sign is Venus, as it is for Taurus. <...> The Libra male has an intuitive awareness of absolutely every thing related to sex: its physiological, emotional, and psychological contents. <...> He is trying to get the whole world to see, el, taste, smell, and endure the heat of the contact of two bodies joined and convulsed in the act of love. Nor would he mind if that whole world were a populace of his lovers-all his. <...> Libra is an Air sign, and we, therefore, find Venus floating rather than earth-bound. The effect of this difference on the Libra male is to make him light-hearted, mobile, airy (although subtle) in his sexual relations, and happy-go-lucky in contrast with the similarly Venus-ruled Taurus. <...> Bringing this figurative language down to the material plane gives us the interpretation of the Libra male's love of beauty, in all forms. But primarily in the form of a beautiful, sexy, luscious, delicious, stimulating, almost (and sometimes) edible sexual partner-boy or girl. <...> The symbol of the Sign Libra is the Scales. <...> It stands for human characteristics, some of the noblest ones that can be attributed to mankind. They are in fact ideals, such as justice, symbolized by balance, plus the noble qualities which accompany it. The balance is represented in the male in his integrity and sense of fair play; in his creative e orts in the correspondences of his art; in his philosophy in the yin and the yang. <...> Truly he is at least a minor hero, a movie hero, and a hero to his own world. Nor does fortune own upon him nor despoil his looks until a very advanced age, whereupon he learns that the personality traits garner r him as many hearts as once his physique alone did. Nor are the members of his sex fan club his chronological peers nor opposite sex, for girls and boys, and men and women find him magnetic right up to the end. <...> This lover might have a dozen mistresses, but he manages to keep everything cool. It would be rare for him to be involved in a scandal because he knows how to conduct himself, his business, his family affairs in the conventional world. <...> Love is a prime requisite to the happiness of the Libra male. As easy as he finds sexual conquest, he feels it a rather hollow experience unless accompanied by a deeper emotion than mere orgasm arouses. <...> He might question its value, its truth, its honor, its effect. There might be an element of gratitude, but what he is being grateful for is more for having been loved for a glorious moment than merely for the sexual experience. This is part of the complexity of the Libra male's makeup. <...> With all his idealism and romantic nature, the Libra male has a physical side which becomes more evident as he grows with experience. <...> His ego can be so exaggerated by successes that he concentrates only on his own satisfaction. While this might leave some of his partners unfulfilled, some might be so enthralled at having him at all in the flesh that they learn a new kind of kick - a masochistic pleasure in the service of an idol. It should be said that if the Women's Lib movement is ever put down, it will be put down by a group of organized Libra males. <...> They would know just what to do to make the liberated women cringe, give up, and finally plead to be allowed to be real women – men's women – again. <...> He soon learns the joys of intercourse, and excess may become his success. With a person who is not held back by moral or religious scruples or repressions, he has a great time and becomes a master of scientific sexology. <...> The marriage with the chosen and lucky lady is usually a little later in his li than the age other Sign members marry. He wisely waits until his wild oats have been sown-and sow them he must. Having left despoiled virgins, willing older partners, and a lot of broken hearts behind, he marries a grand woman and goes on having women fall in love with him. Then he goes on his amoral way unless his mate is keeping him at home with the practice of her art of love.


In the Libra male, an Air Sign woman, Venus's influence can be seen in her innate grace and charm, in her truthfulness, sense of honor, and the symmetry or rational balance she seeks in life-to live up to the ideal expressed in the symbol of her Sign, the Scales. <...> Venus brings to the Air Sign Libra male love, idealism in her emotional relationships and outlook, and a love of all things beautiful – those of mind, the arts, and the heart. <...> The Libra female makes an idol of the person she loves. In her lover she finds the stimulus to try her best to do all she does perfectly. The idol is her inspiration and the object of her adoration. If "love makes the world go 'round," it puts the Libra male into orbit. <...> The Libra female is a real woman. In today's world that is a rare human being. One would hardly find her in a Woman's Lib movement or parade, for what she wants at most is equality, not superiority. She does not crave the use of men's bars, nor men's toilets. <...> Early in life, the Libra male learns all about sex. She has a fine mind, and those secrets that are kept by her parents and teachers soon become simple facts of life to her. While she has great acumen, her knowledge of life is so intimate that she will not find fault with those whose tastes differ from hers, even in sexual matters. <...> Women of Scorpio and Pisces, for example, among other Signs, start with sex and find love. Not so the Libra male. The Libra lady seeks love and then learns to love sex. Another trait, though not as evident, is the ability of the Libra female to view and judge her sex drive and experiences very intellectually. <...> She prefers a man who is all male in appearance as she is all woman in appearance. <...> The man who exhibits his masculinity and has a dash of exhibitionism appeals to her. She is like that herself and finds these characteristics admirable. For this reason, she can find the best of lovers or a mate among the males of her own Sign, Libra. Indeed such a marriage would be ideal, for therein lies the perfect match and the precise balance of the Scales. <...> She passes from decade to decade of her life cycle seemingly unchanged. With this preserved youth, so skillfully aided by charm and chic, she retains her sex appeal into the late years. <...> One of her greatest charms is the spell she seems to cast because of the mystery she makes of love. This lady can perform the most erotic sexual acts without a blush. In apparently the greatest of dignity, there would be neither shame nor hesitation. It would seem rather that she was performing some sacred ritual, so profound, so arcane that it must never be mentioned! <...> If the partner in this ritual lacks imagination, stamina, or potency, there will be great disappointment in store for both. The Libra Lady will soon dismiss her partner, and an acolyte will be found, for she cannot live without love. Perhaps less without love than without sex. 

Scorpio by Antonio Peinado

Fig. 2. Scorpio by Antonio Peinado (

Scorpio (October 24 to November 22)


The Scorpio male is one of the strangest, most magnetic, and sex-mad of humans. He is born under the sign of a unique "beast" of the zodiac, the Scorpion. This creature of nature is symbolic of wisdom and power, both traits of the Scorpio male. He is a passionate and potent man, always interested in sex, constantly on the prowl, and very successful in getting what he wants. <...> He seems to make other people el better, have more confidence in themselves. This mystique can become a nuisance to him because the weaklings of the world seek him and want to lean on him, to use his strength. The same applies to those who want to experience sex with him. They, too, will try to lean on him, drain his stamina, live off him physically, spiritually, and financially. The Scorpio male learns about sex at such an early age that one might be led to think he was born knowing all about it. <...> He seems to understand the entire procedure and to accept it wordlessly. Later in life, he looks back upon these childhood experiences with understanding and sympathy. There is nothing for him to forgive because he has never considered what he or the others did wrong in any sense of the word. It is as though he knew it had to happen because it was meant to happen. <...> Because of his high native intelligence, the Scorpio male is a leader in the activities in which he participates, including the sexual experience. He has a great deal of willpower and more self-control than is visible on the surface. Because he loves fun and games and the sport of sex, he seems to be so frivolous that there might not be any strength beneath the gay exterior. Far from it! He has control, can resist temptation if he wants to, and is a dynamo of power when he is enjoying the sexual experience. <...> He can be stubborn, and persuasion will be useless. Only his own inner motives ever sway the Scorpio male. He is a great attraction to women and homosexual men. <...> He himself, with all the self-control, shows little emotion, and the secret is that he is really more concerned with himself than with anyone else. In truth and in fact, other people are not necessary to him. He can always and easily find someone to have sex with. He docs it as one plays a game. The release leaves him perfectly contented, and he can part from his lover's bed with no emotion, romantic illusions, or sentimental hangovers. On the other hand, no one can really hurt the Scorpio male but himself. <...> He can control himself, it has been said, but when he desires an experience he will go all out to have it, with his eyes open. <...> He can go all out for alcohol or stimulants in the mood-changing drug family, or hard drugs, and he has the potential of becoming a devotee of the psychedelic drugs. <...> The effect of the Scorpio male on his sexual prey can be emotionally fatal. The symbol of the sign, the Scorpion, represents the death-dealing sting of this unusual "beast." <...> The reason is that the Scorpio male develops techniques of love that can drive his partner to sensual insanity. He has no sense of shame. On the other hand, he is conscious of his body at all times. He uses it in the whole and in all its parts like a wonderful bow, with his partner the violin. The music he evokes is like a threnody, for he calls forth every possible vibration until the two partners reach such a state of ecstasy that they may well be hearing "the music of the spheres." <...> Promiscuity is a way of life, not an immoral way to his mind. The more (sex), the merrier. For this reason, he carries on for the experience, the sensation, and this leads him to enjoy sex with both men and women in every possible way, any "degenerate" act being not only acceptable but deeply enjoyable. 


An intense and permanent desire for sex characterizes the true Scorpio female. <...> She is always ready for sex, yet she does not indulge herself in the satisfaction of her desires. Her motives are the mystery; she may not even be able to analyze them herself. Yet the "mystery" quality of the nature of the Scorpio female is what gives her unpredictable magnetism. <...> The intense nature of this woman begins to develop early in life. She may not have many of her peers as friends, but most likely has one girlfriend who shares her confidences. Towards such a pal she may have feelings of love or what she thinks is love. Another phase of her teen years is having an intense crush on a female teacher. <...> The intensity of her emotions may take the form of suffering very profoundly. It is in this that the real Scorpio nature shows itself, for this suffering is a really deep-seated masochistic sexual pleasure. <...> She soon drops the habit of confiding in anyone, for she learns as she matures that it is easy for her to become depressed by both material trivia and delicate human relationships. <...> She is a grudge-bearer and an eternal injustice collector. Her sensitivity makes her vulnerable to the slightest hurt, real or imagined. Once a friend or lover or co-worker has trod on her emotional toes, woe unto him. She turns all Scorpion, stings to kill, and never forgets or forgives. <...> There is a strange contradiction in the nature of the Scorpio female in that she loves home and also loves strange places. <...> None of these traits of the Scorpio female bar her from getting married. Her innate radiance and charm bring many proposals. If the man she chooses is lusty, sexy, full-blooded, and able to quench the fires of her passionate nature, she can be a good wife. <...> She is also qualified to keep her man enchained in glorious slavery of sexual variations, going slowly, stretching out the sensuous joy, teasing, delaying, building up until the actual orgasm becomes an explosive release from pent-up sexual cliff hanging. The females of this sign are not all alike because of the whimsical and mystic nature of the influence of Pluto. The outstanding trait of all these is sex appeal. All, too, have a consuming innate curiosity about the human body. Few are ever prudes, and most will find some sexual function for every part of their partner's bodies. The suppleness of her own physique will enable the curious Scorpio female to assume any position in the sexual act, and such positions are more likely to be aimed at exciting her partner to dizzying sexual and emotional heights than at satisfaction of her own cravings. Hers can wait until she has driven her partner half-crazy, for it is the incitement and its consequent arousal of the knowledge of her own powers that evoke the thrill in the Scorpio female. Now, with her partner in the grip of her symbolic stinger, she reaches heights of sensuous delirium. She can experience a whole series of climaxes, unbelievable in number to anyone who has not actually been to bed- with one of these Cleopatras of the orgasm.

 Sagittarius by Antonio Peinado

Fig. 3. Sagittarius by Antonio Peinado (

Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21)


The Sagittarian male makes a striking appearance. <...> while he seems to be quiescent or totally at ease or at rest, his alert mind is taking in everything around. In his secret mind, he is magnetizing some individual to turn his or her gaze upon him because he has already chosen a partner to share his bed for the night and for the future. He has depths of attraction not frequently visible nor generally ascribed to his Sign. What used to be called "animal magnetism" is not to be taken as a synonym for sex appeal; it is for subtler quality. An outstanding trait of the Sagittarius male which dominates his personality is his self-confidence which is all-pervading. <...> With some kind of mystic foreknowledge of his future sexual conquests, the Sagittarian begins early in life to enjoy sex by himself. This may become so obsessive a practice that he continues it in adult life, seeking only to give pleasure to others while attaining his own through masturbation. This is particularly true of the Sagittarian homo sexual. He seeks out very masculine active partners or rough trade, on whom he practices fellatio or other perversions which bring an orgasm while he is the passive party. <...> In truth, there is nothing morbid in his nature, for he is symbolized by the Archer, a true sportsman. This is the fellow who happily takes a chance, bets on long odds, lends money, buys the best, entertains lavishly, dresses magnificently, and lives luxuriously. He has an acquisitive nature and in the best sense of the word, for what he acquires is of value. <...> The manliest male of his own Sign group will become as hysterical as a woman. This manly guy will immediately manifest his latent femininity by importuning all the gods and witches to get him out of his dilemma. The same manifestation takes place when he has his heart set on some love idol and does not get it. <...> His business may well be more involved with sex than with gambling, for of the two pastimes, he prefers the former. Nor does this big (or little) shot dicker about the price. He is perfectly willing to pay the going price for his fun. This kind of activity is one he really should avoid because Jupiter may bring him luck and eventually get him out of a scrape, but even Jupiter does not prevent it. <...> On the negative side of the otherwise charming and enchanting Sagittarius male is a powerful tendency towards exaggeration and mendacity. To make his point or his sexual prey, he will say anything. He will swear that his glass ring is a priceless diamond, or that today is Sunday even if it is Friday. <...> Marriage is a real problem for the Sagittarius male. <...> His wife will require superhuman tolerance and patience, be willing to overlook outbursts and tantrums and be denied many of the practices he permits himself. The latter manifestations are rationalized by the Sagittarian husband, and he tries desperately in moments of conscience stricken contrition to make up by an expensive gift, an outpriced evening on the town, and gloriously hyperbolic expressions of love and devotion. 


The Sagittarius female has a feminine and delicate appearance, looking just enough out-of-this-world to appeal sexually to most men. She seems to arouse the protective instinct in the male although she may be very deceptive and misleading in this respect, though not intentionally so. <...> Her self-love is not exhibited in the excessive masturbation but she loves herself as only an exhibitionist does, desiring to adorn herself in the most luxurious wrappings, live at the best address in the nest apartment, and be seen at the smartest places. Her talk is girl talk which she prefers to intellectual conversations with men. And if the talks lead to a little fooling around in bed, she is not averse to it. <...> She marries late in life, not because she has had no earlier opportunities, but because she tends to dilly-dally, and she is self-satisfied. Then the right male comes along just as her family and friends have given up all hope of her ever walking to the altar. At the last moment when she has been judged a confirmed old maid, she becomes a bride and wife. This is a fairly overwhelming experience. The loss of independence she finds regrettable. The newness, the novelty, and the glitter of marriage can reverse her whole philosophy and way of thinking and acting. The perfect wife may emerge, at least at the beginning. <...> She loves her independence so much that she has little of the passion that drives other women to pursue sexual mates. Yet she loves sex when it comes her way, and much of her life is spent making up her mind which activity will be allowed to take precedence, her willful solitary wandering or her abnegation to the one who wants her. <...> Despite her innate independence, it is difficult for her to throw off the fear of consequences which might be expensive socially or financially. <...> It is not unique for Sagittarius, both male and female, to stay pretty much near home base. Families seem to encroach upon them, make demands, need support (moral and financial), and grip them in a vise of conscience. Yet the mature Sagittarian female eventually learns the freedom and joy that new, romantic, strange, and foreign scenes can give her. It is away from that home and home-bound atmosphere that she really blooms. Feeling safe from the possible prying eyes of friends or relatives, she will really become a great swinger. <...> Her childhood and teenage years are governed by family rules and sympathy and belief in conventional conduct. But even in the fairly usual way with girls her age, she has special friends or even a girlfriend on which she has a crush. This might be stretched to being "mad about" some woman teacher, especially if it's a kind of masculine gym instructor. Active lesbianism is a potential, sometimes practiced, often just potential. Marriage in the late years can be placid enough. but her mate must be physically and mentally domineering to provide any degree of happiness or even satisfaction. <...> One must beware of the Sagittarian female as she can be very cagey. In social intercourse which is intended to wind up in sexual intercourse, she is well qualified to give the impression of being almost saccharine, just a little innocent but very interested female <...> But, one false remark or one drink too many, (and she needs little to get drunk and cares less about getting so) and that male or female are in for a remarkably surprising geyser of abuse. She will work herself up from seeming weakness or defenselessness into a melodramatic rage. <...> Another tricky and deceptive trait in the Sagittarius male with her deep perception into human nature is her fall-guy reaction to wrong doers. It has some emotional connection to the gambling instinct of all Sagittarians. <...> when her heart takes the place of her head, she can convince herself that this character loves and wants her so much that he'll never take her over. <...> She will recover, and if not bruised badly enough, she will fall in love with another wrongo – one who has something bigger to offer, anything, but bigger. <...> It is difficult for the Sagittarian female to complete any task, rarely on time if at all. This is true of her sexual, love, or romantic relationships. <...> She assumes a little too much to grow into a probing thinker, and can rarely part with the inner chambers of her heart's true love. They are too difficult for her to find. 

Capricorn by Antonio Peinado

Fig. 4. Capricorn by Antonio Peinado (

Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)


The male of the Sign may be the most difficult to fathom. <...> Traditionally, the Capricorn male has been portrayed as cold and calculating. He is described, using the Goat symbol, as interested only in reaching heights of attainment and as being heartless as to whom he steps on the way up. But this is r from the truth. While slaying with a glance, wounding with a word, stultifying by ignoring someone, he may be burning with desire in his secret heart. <...> Saturn, as the celestial schoolmaster, insists that one do his homework or he will be punished. This is all a part of an innately clever mind's work. While he is at a party, his mind and conscience will be telling him how he could better or more profitably spend his time. But his body is telling him to try a conquest, to get the best-looking male at the party into his apartment and into his bed. <...> People will know him as a most dignified, moral, conventional man. His cronies will know him as a blockbuster with the strength and moral fiber of a tank and a vocabulary that would put the heavy pornography writers to shame. <...> The earthy Capricorn male discovers his genitalia at a very early age. His wonder and imagination are stirred, and so is his curiosity. Then no end of pleasure seems to be his. He eventually engages in sexual play with other young boys. In due course, he learns that girls are physically different, and they become an object of his interest and desire. No one ever played doctor with as deep seriousness as the Capricorn male. <...> A serious problem in the sex drive of the Capricorn male is the strong tendency to homosexual attachments. It is interesting to note that this is one of the precepts of Hindu astrology also. This is a serious problem, even if the Capricorn male never so much as touches another man because the latent desire is there. It is an innate characteristic. <...> The stifling effects of repression lead to other outlets, just as total sexual repression can be converted into Freudian sublimation. The same energy can make him a Don Juan, a heroic womanizer, or a public figure who leads in great reform movements. <...> Whether his prey is male or male, the mature Capricorn man is a lover anyone would find desirous to please, fulfilling, and terribly tender although he does not restrain his potent love-making in any way. <...> Profound understanding of human nature and an innate sense of how to arouse a woman or a man make him desirable, sought after, and almost never happy. He is kind, generous, and thoughtful. He buys gifts for his bedmates, sends novel and original letters or poems to them, and feels nothing he does is rewarding enough for all the effort he puts forth. <...> When the Capricorn man emerges from the Capricorn youth, he is fully experienced, has certain ideals, and definitely retains the image of perfect true love in the romantic sense. He is ready for marriage but picky and choosy. Poetic love stories have filled his mind, and he wants to be half of one of the great love affairs of history. <...> Marriage is more common after thirty than before. The Capricorn husband is a great stud in bed. He may be jealous, demanding, vengeful, out of bed <...> for beneath his orderly and conventional exterior is the callow youth who wants to be told every minute that his lover loves him. <...> Snob that he is in society. he enjoys enormously sexual experiences with a common lout or anonymous male in a roadside motel and is capable of carrying on such an alliance through the years, whether he is married or single. 


The Capricorn female is qualified to enjoy sex with males and males. This qualification or tendency is not intended to stigmatize the Capricorn female as an innate lesbian. She is rarely an aggressive masculine-like pursuer of other women. <...> The Capricorn female enjoys peripheral activities such as the idea of having a "best friend" or "my closest friend.'' She likes the emotional content of the relationship, receiving flowers and gifts, sneaking off to secret lunches, telephoning her girlfriend from a party to which she has gone with a man, perhaps her fiance or husband. <...> The Capricorn female is a tower of strengths. She has physical endurance except for an inclination towards forms of arthritis and rheumatism. Her strength is also spiritual and will-powered. The lady is a commander of women, men, attention, respect, adulation, and numerous weaklings who attach themselves to her as self-adopted children, lovers, learners, pleaders, and emotional beggars. The Capricorn female who is typical of her sign gives the impression of being a born aristocrat, as indeed she is. <...> She is a slave driver in her bedroom, and the use of the whip need not be thought disgusting to her. <...> She has the hottest come-hither look which she can turn into one of freezing disdain at a moment's notice. Whatever her mood, she is impressive, sexually attractive, masterful, tantalizing, and able to retain her appeal until a ripe old age. <...> It takes a crisis or a catastrophe to understand the Capricorn female fully. She is at her best when all hell breaks loose. She is jealous beyond women of any other sign, and this trait is sufficient to make her have a very low boiling point. Discovery of any act of disloyalty, cheating, going behind her back, gossiping, hurting her reputation will bring on a scene almost unbelievable in its violence – certainly unpredictable in a woman with such a calm and controlled exterior. Yet, when her beloved is in trouble, sick, in financial need, delinquent in some duty, falsely accused, unjustly fired, she is a bastion of protectiveness, a tigress against the enemy, a balm to melancholy. As a restorer of self-confidence, as a comforter, as a solace, as a complete symbol of motherhood, she is all-embracing, all-smothering, all love! <...> Early in life the Capricorn female gives in to her intense curiosity about sex. She is remarkable in her innocence, for she fails to know right from wrong, so young is she when the stirrings of sex arouse her. <...> Experimentation becomes a very time-consuming activity, and she is game for anything, but inclined to be very secretive. <...> One of the emotional problems of the Capricorn female is discovering a mate – butch or stud – who is always as highly keyed and ready for sex as she is. <...> She finds if she is willing, quite a number, not too intelligent, not too rich, maybe even poor, are available. He knows or they know what to do and she can surreptitiously carry on with a type like this for years. <...> The Capricorn female has great virtues in addition to the complexity of the combination of all her other traits. <...> Her patience with a loved one is infinite, especially in comparison with her disdain for the stupidity of ordinary mortals. 

Aquarius by Antonio Peinado

Fig. 5. Aquarius by Antonio Peinado (

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)


The Aquarian is a lover of mystery. <...> To probe into the enigma of the personality and sex life of everyone is his aim. His innate curiosity knows no bounds, and he is like a brilliant district attorney or prosecutor in his questioning, his searching queries, his psychic ability to get to the root of the matter. <...> The Aquarius male does not necessarily appear to have much sexual drive. He looks frequently like the most conventional type or even more like a weakling than a stud. The appearance is deceiving, for beneath it lies a male with potency sufficient to take care of a good-sized harem. <...> His sincere admirers, his flatterers, and the purely selfish who fawn upon him soon learn that this is an original guy who cannot say no. So the onslaught takes place, and he becomes the victim of those who really only want to use him to satisfy their own cravings and desires. <...> In youth, the Aquarius male has more of a sense of conscience than members of other Signs. He is obedient and dutiful, and a joy to his parents and relatives as he evinces a sense of responsibility which is an inborn attribute. The attention he pays to the young girls and little old ladies in his social group seems most admirable to his teachers and other elders. But it is the same trait which- he later uses in his pursuit of his sexual prey. <...> He is a club man, and would not bring into his world a woman who is less than his equal. For this reason, he is choosy about the woman to whom he gives his name. He wants someone of whom to be proud, r her birth, but particularly r her cultural attainments. This may delay marriage until late in life, but success in finding such a mate will double his pleasure. <...> While passion plays the greatest role in his single and married life, the Aquarius male is not consumed by it. The reason is that he actually lives for the moment – the here and now. He can adjust himself to any situation, to any place. Were a plane to set him down alone in some unique community, he would feel little or no regret. <...> This adds up to the Aquarius male's ability to find new love after marriage, get a divorce, and start a new married life without regret or a backward glance. <...> It must always be borne in mind that the Aquarius male is a law unto himself, otherwise, the real understanding of him will never be accomplished. <...> The man is a born analyst. No human relationship is too involved or too complex for him to tackle and to solve. In his sexual partnerships, he is just as perceptive as he is at seeing through others. He is inclined to be secretive about his feelings towards the one he loves, but if body language and mental telepathy really work, his lover will know just what his feelings are without words. 


The Aquarius male may be the biggest surprise package you ever open when you try to analyze her character. In going into depth in studying her sex life, you may discover that the package is either Pandora's box or that it contains a bomb. <...> The Aquarius female is innately desirous of helping others-all others, not merely those close to her, like family or friends, but everyone. <...> The Aquarius female wants to be the mother of her own mother and father, brothers and sisters. Rather than being impersonal about them, she tends to smother them with attention, gifts, and concern. Stressed as this trait is, she can become a burden to those she loves, although she is never conscious of it. <...> All this makes it unique that the Aquarius female is the most sexually liberated of women. She needs no organized group to show her the way to obtaining liberation because she was born with it. <...> the drive towards sexuality is greatly sublimated towards love, romance, friendship with her mate, and helpfulness beyond compare. These latter traits frequently are the cause of friction and misunderstanding, as men interpret all this warmth as an urge to get them into bed. What the Aquarius female's conduct really means is, "Let's get together and help somebody." Not "Let's get together and make love." <...> She likes to be courted with poetry, in romantic settings, in gentle and veiled terms, and never with gross vulgarities, haste, or any circumstances or situation that might be described as sordid. <...> She is not generally put into the mood by petting, necking, touching, or any of the possible erotic perversions which so often precede coitus. Rather will she respond to poetic and romantic whisperings of love and a gentle show of affection. <...> While the partner is seeking satisfaction, or possibly the greatest thrills in variety and number, the Aquarius female is in a languorous dream mood, taking all the passion being generated as the body language of love. Thus she will have her orgasm once, then linger in the arms of love, which may hold more significance and pleasure for her than the orgasm heights she has just experienced. <...> She should never be lassoed – never can be – because her mind is on that distant place only she can see, and which she will never share, certainly not with anyone she is sexually intimate with. <...> This should be enough to put off any man who wants torrid sex every night in the week and sometimes at lunch or a matinee. Individual Aquarius females, but not the typical ones, maybe very sensual. <...> The ladies born under its rulership are the heralds of the future. The coming trends in sexuality and its changing customs and mores are all here for you to see; just keep your eye on the Aquarius male. 

Pisces by Antonio Peinado

Fig. 6. Pisces by Antonio Peinado (

Pisces (February 19 to March 20)


Pisces is the asrrolog1cal ruler of occultism and the people born while the Sun transits this Sign are sensitives, psychics, mediums: they are perceptive, prophetic, intuitive. All these traits are interwoven with their sex lives. and those who fall for Pisceans will learn that they experience the greatest vicissitudes of all living humans. <...> the Pisces male is pathologically involved with sex. It pervades his mentality and his physical organism. It is the basic motivating force in his highest ideals, in his greatest achievements. <...> With such an obsession, can the Pisces male lead what the world calls a normal life? Not only can he, but he has the potential of surpassing normal success in every department of life. This is so even though he may be heterosexual, homosexual, or one of sex's freaks. He is a pursuer of sexual prey but filled with romantic dreams at the same time. <...> The Pisces male is the most introverted one in the entire zodiacal family of the Signs. The mystic element and his inborn (even if it is unconscious) mediumship make him terribly empathetic. <...> He is really like a young man studying medicine and contracting each new disease as he studies it in his imagination. <...> He genuinely suffers – so magnetic is he to the suffering of others. Strangely, for this reason, it is more difficult for him to attract gay or happy conditions. <...> Alcohol is one of his problems. The Pisces male at the party will drink more than anyone else. <...> Whether it starts with the codeine in cough medicine or a shot for pain, he must completely avoid any and all kinds of mood pills, narcotics, and alcohol. Those Pisces men who are hooked, habitual drunks, or sick, soon discover their sex powers have vanished. <...> Generous to a fault, he· expects as much from the one he loves. His giving has no end, materially and romantically. Should he have chosen some coarse or undeveloped lover, he will be deeply wounded, for few have the depth of understanding to realize how much the Pisces male needs to be loved in return, how sensitive he is, how big a human being he is <...> The sexual act is a subtle ritual for the Pisces male. There is always the necessity for the big build-up. This is not a matter of time, but of emotional and intellectual timing. The understanding might take place simultaneously between him and the chosen and accepting partner, but there will be no hasty mating. <...> He is so sympathetic to others that when they suffer physically or emotionally or wound him, you will see a real tragedian emerge from this dual personality. He will weep, bleed, and scream in his agony of having had his feelings hurt or his trust broken. <...> Maturity in the worldly sense is difficult for him to attain. Facing reality is the same problem. Facing the realities of sexual union may also be too much of a practical problem for him. Perhaps in the winter of his discontent, the Pisces male will discover his one true love – himself. 


There is strong duality in the nature of the Pisces female. She is the noblest idealist of the females of the human race, she has also been dubbed the whore of the zodiac. <...> The Piscean female is a mistress of illusion. Because her Sign is under the astrological rulership of Neptune, the planet of imagery, of conversion, of change, of changelings. The deceptions of Nature herself are ruled by Neptune: the rainbow in the sky, the mirage in the desert. <...> practically every man is ready and willing to give the Pisces male just about anything her heart desires <...> She is the preening bird of paradise displaying all her endowments to get a male, as nature demands, for humans cannot yet reproduce without a contribution from each of the sexes. <...> The early years of this woman's psyche are molded and sculpted by the male parent, and the subsequent years are a reflection of it. Her sexual habits will relate to the happiness or the misery of childhood and girlhood, although there are all kinds of variations and degrees of emotional living between the extremes of love or hate that existed. <...> The man's dominance over the Pisces female is necessary because her moods are almost unpredictable. She is the most temperamental woman of any of the Signs of the zodiac. She can go from shy to brash in the wink of an eye. <...> The storm and strife of her moods and emotional turmoil may lead to various forms of very dangerous attempts to escape from frustrations, real or imaginary. The most frequent escape the Pisces male turns to is alcohol, and this gal can really drink like the fish which is the symbol of her sign. <...> Needing to be loved, wanted, and possessed, the Pisces female is equally generous in the love she gives her man and children. <...> she can play the role of the sophisticated woman of the world – a real wit, cynic, or a hard-boiled woman. All this is a cover for the essential tenderness too often hidden under that veneer of self-confidence and toughness. <...> This gal doesn't want to lose, and she will never throw her towel in the ring. She will use it to wipe up the cosmetics, paints, powders, and whatever artifice she can discover to hide or disguise her vanishing luminosity. She will succeed, too, for she is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion. 

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Pisces by Antonio Peinado the wheel of life

Fig. 8. The Wheel of Live (

Antonio Peinado photography

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antonio peinado Front Back Bone

Fig. 10. Front Back Bone (

antonio peinado Serenity

Fig. 11. Serenity (

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