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Stars and Sex: "Nude Zodiac" Series by Antonio Peinado with Astrological Commentary By Morris Goodman, Part One

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Reading horoscopes in magazines is a modern guilty pleasure, just as listening to stupid pop songs or watching dumb Youtube videos. What earlier was common for European and Eastern kings and queens who had their court astrologers, became routine for today plebs who know their astrological signs and the signs of their sex and business partners, parents, and mothers or fathers in law... We believe that the astrological sign affects every sphere of our life including sexual behavior. "Tonight I'm not at my best... retrograde Mercury, damn it!" - probably lots of people think this way.

Nude Zodiac

We're here not to judge or laugh at someone but to join this ship of fools as well as we find the journey entertaining. Our captains are the skillful Spanish photographer Antonio Peinado (b. 1963), who produced the Nude Zodiac series in 2016, and the astrologer Morris C. Goodman (not to be confused with Morris E. Goodman) with his book Astrology and Sexual Analysis published in 1972. Goodman describes the male and female sexuality of each sign and also provides the sexual compatibility guide. "Is astrology valid? The writer has complete belief in it. The reader may find the pros and cons in dozens of dissertations on the shelves of his nearest library. This is not the subject of this book. <...> This book deals with sexuality. It is a revelation of astrology's encyclopedic analysis of sex and personality, about love in all its natural forms and aberrations. Its' purpose is to enable you to understand yourself and others, and to understand the greatest driving force in life itself: sexuality." So lets' dive into a world of astrological stereotypes of the Aquarian Era! From the first part you'll learn: which sign looks appetizing in their sixteen, who can't control their sexual desire, who loves deviations or vice versa makes love in a missionary pose and lots of other things!

Aries by Antonio Peinado

Fig. 1. Aries by Antonio Peinado

Aries (March 21 to April 19)


According to Goodman, they are brutal ones. But the tough shell hides a romantic soul. "The Aries male's sexual appetite is enormous. His qualifications for being the love machine are right there, and he is just about ever ready. <...> Having chosen the object of his sexual desires, he pursues it relentlessly. Nor is he satisfied with a single sexual act or orgasm. The first may indeed act only as a stimulant, arousing his passion to an uncontrollable degree. Should he be repulsed after the initial act, it would drive him to seek still another partner, and he would not give up until he succeeded in finding one. They can carry bodily development to foolish extremes, and the beach boys, bodybuilders, and exhibitionists at the beach arc likely to be their Sign siblings. <...>They do not separate their vocation from their sexual life, seeking partners (as they do everywhere) in the office, at conventions, and on business trips, or at combined social-business functions. Without self-control, they can gamble (and lose), due to allowing the negative side of Aries to dominate. They can overindulge in alcohol, and let their moral censor slip to the point of engaging in unethical or dishonest business deals. <...> They may sigh over the lost idealism of youth, but they enjoy the material benefits of their conversion. The benefits make it possible to induce lovelier partners to go to bed with them. They don't like to consider this paying for "it", but in their secret hearts, they know that is what they are doing. <...> The Aries male can make his mate very happy because his inclination is to be generous and thoughtful. He can also torment his mate by being jealous, demanding, questioning, and allowing no time for independent action. <...> His conduct can be infantile or childish when he els neglected. This is a hangover from excessive mother love, (something he carries all through life), and he unconsciously seeks his mother in his mate. <...> "Stormy Weather" could be the theme song of the Aries male's sexual and emotional life. When he is at the zenith of happiness in a love affair, he questions his good luck and jumps from ecstasy to despair and back again. He finds it impossible to accept happiness completely, and this is the clue to his romantic misery. <...> He must learn to enjoy it while it lasts. He must also learn that his passions control him, not he them, for desire can lead him to costly experiences, expensive to purse, health, and reputation. <...> he tells himself he wants happiness, a kind which comes from mutual love! This will come to him only as a reward for learning the meaning of and the acquisition of total, personal unselfishness.


The Aries female loves sex. She develops a craving for knowledge of the erotic. Her interests will be concentrated on a study of male and female anatomy, and she is aroused to extremes by the actual appearance and size of her partner's sexual organs. This woman reads books on sex, erotica, and pornography with a keen eye. She becomes a collector of stimuli, from ticklers to photographs to the instruments used by sadists and masochists. <...> Her lover must be demonstrative above all things if he (or she) does not want a complaining, nagging, frustrated woman on hand. She is ever ready, publicly or privately, to be told she is loved, to be petted, pinched, stroked, lt, patted, kissed, and excited. The Aries male deludes herself thoroughly about the one she loves-until disillusion sets in. <...> Restlessness and impatience are traits of the Aries woman, and their roots are in her sexual desires, which seem insatiable. <...> The intellectual Aries male sublimates this infinite energy into creative channels. Nevertheless, when the zenith of desire overtakes the sublimation, she will devour her mate or seek experiences by picking one up in the nearest bar, park, or on the corner. <...> Often a cause of unhappiness to the Aries female is the fact that men do not understand her or take her seriously. The first impression she makes may be one of stupidity-not necessarily a true or accurate impression at all! <...> She can forge ahead in social life, society (which is quite different), the theater and movies, the cosmetics industry, and the world where beauty itself is an industry, fashion, contests, and perhaps political intrigue. <...> She dotes on overcoming all males and can act so cleverly that the number of males who make up her list of successes or conquests is very large. <...> she presents a picture of voluptuous sexuality perhaps even before she understands either her own attractions or the mysteries of sex. She looks appetizing by the time she celebrates that old-fashioned birthday, sweet sixteen, with breasts upstanding, a waist a man can slip his arm around, sensuous hips, and a walk like Marilyn Monroe's. <...> A troublesome part of the Aries woman's social and sexual li is a deep, perhaps consciously hidden, sensitivity. A fault, a failure to remember some anniversary, a seeming slight-perhaps even unknown to the "guilty" party – can produce a display of temper that is shocking and uncalled for. <...> Through memory, nostalgia, sentiment, maybe true love, there is one man or one love in the background who is forever enamored with her and eternally loyal. <...> in her secret heart she may selfishly be whispering, "Who knows? Some day I may need him." <...> She can inspire as well as drive her mate to success. She usually bears many children, so financial success is really imperative. <...> Attractive to the end of a usually long life, the Aries woman will be a man-killer right up to her last breath.

Taurus, Antonio Peinado

Fig. 2. Taurus, Antonio Peinado

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)


While the social conduct of the Taurus male can be quite like that of the animal, which symbolizes him, it can also be very sophisticated. This is because he is a quick learner, a man with tremendous native intelligence, and able to absorb the culture and manners of any environment with ease. <...> He may have magnetic qualities to bring him sexual success with beautiful partners. <...> It is the sexual urge that drives him to seek material success, for he knows that with it he can control the destinies of men, women, and children. Not uniquely, he may choose some avenue of great artistic creativity as a way of gaining wealth because the ruling planet of his Sign is Venus. <...> Should he not be, he will align himself with people who are, manage them, direct them, promote them, use them, abuse them, and in the end make them produce while he pockets the largest percentage of their earnings. This may make him a largely unsavory character. <...> The Taurus male has a disarming appearance, for it conceals his extreme emotional-sexual nature. <...> The excessive energy of the sex drive is redirected into superior business ability or social ambitions, but not so inclusively as to omit pleasures, especially sexual enjoyment. The driving and primary force is always sex. Even his business trips and vacations are not without the search and the hope for sexual conquest. <...> Should the wife be unable to satisfy his insistent demands, he will seek other partners and be most careless of his mate's discovery of his other affairs. <...> With all his maleness and concentration on sexual pleasure, the Taurus male rarely deviates by joining in sex with another male or in other than the straight sex act with a male. He may try either of these variations but hardly like either one or become addicted to such practices. Uniquely for such a domineering male, he is not critical or upset by the unfaithfulness of his mistress or mistresses but can become pathetically jealous of one woman whom he comes to regard as his private property. <...> His aim: fame. For fame brings the admiration of women. <...> The tremendous impact on the sexual drive in the body is a force most difficult to control. It may take precedence over all other drives. <...> His potency becomes a mental problem in later life, which in turn can bring about psychic impotence. However, he responds beautifully to injections of hormones. This gives him both psychic confidence and the physical ability to spend the golden years of his li as he would have wished to all his life.


She has the appearance of gentle and genteel femininity, built small, with large eyes in a rather compact face, wearing a look of critical seriousness. She is studious about life and sex, perusing its vagaries in a scholarly manner. <...> The Taurus female has a tremendous sex drive and is a potential nymphomaniac which part of her nature she conceals beneath her demure exterior and helpful actions. <...> The Taurus male has neither curiosity nor interest in sexual aberrations and deviations; not so the Taurus female. She has both an avid curiosity and a profound interest in all the forms and variations sex offers for thrills. <...> She may enjoy sadistic pleasures, beating men, satisfying their lusts in torturing the male, and forcing him into satisfying her lusts with all kinds of weird and far-out acts of perversion. At the other end of the Taurus scale is the sadistic female who searches far and wide for a partner who will force her into sexual slavery, overpowering her into the lowest forms of obnoxious and disgusting acts-which she thoroughly enjoys. <...> Gradually, she comes to love her body and its image in the mirror. She is willing to exercise, diet, ride horseback, take dancing lessons, spend a lot on cosmetics and even submit to surgery in straining for greater and greater embellishment. Only a unique pattern of the planets in her chart would ever make the Taurus male a lover of her own sex. <...> In private she might be consorting with a man from the toughest background striving for perfection in sexual activity to achieve the greatest possible physic excitement out of her body. <...> She is the ardor of Nabokov's Ada, able to receive the male for long bouts of sexual intercourse, and retaining a high emotional temperature throughout. <...> she is able to study the art of love, to learn all about how to make a man take longer, come back to erection after orgasm, or slow his action to make the contact last longer. What she really considers an ideal lover is an East Indian who has been instructed in youth in the fabled method of maintaining an erection for eight hours. <...> This Sign rules the throat and the area surrounding it, and it is for this reason that Sign members are reputedly the greatest in number to indulge in practices that bring about pleasure and climax through oral contact. Experienced practitioners, (both the active and passive partner) realize the oral act can be prolonged and repeated with far greater frequency and greater excitation than the normal act. It creates a kind of sexual frenzy reaching dizzying heights, and practiced mutually in the "notorious" soixante-neuf (69) position brings on a form of slavery from which the slaves wish never to be freed.

Gemini by Antonio Peinado

Fig. 3. Gemini by Antonio Peinado

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)


Despite the widely accepted idea f Gemini's being of double-nature significance, it has little or no bearing upon any tendency towards being bisexual. <...> it would take a lot of persuasion and a great deal of patient teaching to get a Gemini male to indulge either actively or passively. It is more general in the life pattern of the Gemini male to find a girl and get married-just about as young and as fast as he can. <...> Because his cold sex nature wants to change the aloneness of, his past experience to the togetherness of the next experience. To him, therefore, marriage satisfies a number of needs; it starts a new cycle of experience which ends the previous one, it is the conventional thing to do, it is something he can regret at leisure, for there is something of the masochist in him. It is an unconscious rushing into pain (of regret, repentance, punishment for having acted swiftly in error), pain which he subconsciously enjoys. <...> An alluring female who works pretty hard at it can talk a Gemini male into going to bed with her, but she will have to work pretty hard at it. Especially, if she is his peer socially, or if they are members of the same social group. <...> However, the Mercury influence does give him a footloose trait, a desire to travel, to sec distant places <...> In such environments, he lets himself go. What represents danger at home is glamorous adventure abroad. Anyone may be sure that adventure includes romance and sex. <...> He saves up a whole reservoir of memories, and they pay interest in providing erotic experiences in the future and a better understanding of sexual techniques and the quirks of other people. The outward man of this zodiacal type retains the characteristic Gemini conservatism. <...> All his tastes are in line; traditional food, accepted music, classical works of art, and recognized literature. His choice of a life-mate (for however long) will also be conservative and conventional. The lady of his choice must be able to cook and keep the house just like his mother. If she looks like his mother, so much the better. <...> Just as smoking, overeating, and alcohol will have an ultimate effect, so, feels the Gemini man, will sex have an ultimate effect. Costly to his health, expensive to his peace of mind, deleterious to the pattern of life he has so assiduously and carefully built up. <...> The reason this mild guy rushes into marriage, most frequently, is the subconscious instinctive realization that he has so much to overcome to enjoy sex that, "Let's get to it." Because he is so big on plans, he feels, more by intuition than self-analysis, that if he keeps building up, it will only be to a letdown. <...> The dual nature is represented in the pulls to and away from the sex experience. As Gemini is an Air Sign, this element also has an effect on the personality, the hopes and dreams, the way of life of the Gemini individual. He is idealistic, but his hopes may be so impractical that they are or become "up in the air." <...> Versatility is a gift that needs very concentrated handling, or it means the person so endowed will fritter his talents away by trying to use all of them. The Gemini man could be a great technician in sexuality if he would only concentrate on sex. But he will also be working on a home study course, running a boys' club, conducting a choir, or making travel and vacation plans. While he knows there are such human diversions as homosexuality, masturbation, and oral and anal acts, he mentally stamps them out of existence. All that is exotic seems to be beyond him.


As the male member of the Sign Gemini, the woman of the Twins also has complications of personality and desire. There is her strictly mental outlook and her highly idealistic side, but no woman can deny nature, and so there is a conflict with the demands of the body. <...> It is symbolic of the nature of the woman of this Sign, demonstrating and even fighting for some organization or ideal which she considers to be her personal crusade. The power of the Sun's infiltrations into Gemini gives the resemblance of the male and female in their attitudes to sex. The innate coldness makes them matched partners for each other. They would hardly know the fun and joy they were missing in their mutual frigidity. <...> Her looks and expression may seem somewhat autocratic, and if the onlooker gets the impression that she has stepped out of the frame of a portrait done prior to the French Revolution. Like her male counterpart, the Gemini male has a strong reaction of disgust to any mention of varieties of the sexual act whether with a man or another woman. She is particularly horrified by lesbianism although her attitude towards women's rights is so strong that she may well give the impression of having a man's soul in a woman's body. <...> In line with her superficial dislike of sex, for the variable aspects in the individual chart account for differences, the Gemini-born female takes a long time to make up her mind about getting married. <...> The maternal instinct is sheltered or suppressed. <...> She may well look forward to an existence devoted to some cause she considers lofty or just or necessary to uplifting mankind, and more especially, womankind. <...> In fact, the female born under Gemini may assume the role of old maid long before her time. In her flight from sex, she may don the appearance of the spinster in movie satires, pulling back her hair into a tight knot, wearing what the hippies now call granny glasses, and generally unsexing her appearance. <...> When aspects cause more heat than thought, the Gemini female can get involved. However, what she is thinking while in the passionate cycle is indicative of the true double-nature of the Sign. What she is doing is analyzing the man she has decided on. She is measuring in her mind his qualifications as a lover and estimating the size of his sex organ so that she can make her own predictions. She will come pretty close to being accurate in her recast of the relationship both as to intellectual companionship, social pleasure, and mutual sexual satisfactions to be derived. <...> Making mental comparisons is certainly not letting one's self go on a spree of enjoyment. Nor does it make the partner el the sense of security and self-confidence that build his ego and make him a better man in bed. Yet the woman who is doing this to the man has the wisdom of Gemini, the knowledge of how to arouse him, how to tease and excite him into a state of passion and readiness that he may never have experienced with a bed partner born under any other Sign. The negative aspect of this experience is that when it is over, the Gemini woman may barely remember the man's name. <...> This woman is very complex, and part of this is due to the staying power that she has in the sexual act. While all women escape man's necessity to get ready and can out distance the male, the Gemini woman really complicates matters in bed by outlasting any male partner. <...> Expressions of fanciful romance do not come naturally to her lips. And this is strange indeed because, in the private chamber of sex, she can use language to arouse her partner that could shock a prostitute in a low-class whorehouse. <...> she might react quite severely to any suggestion of an embrace and would surely be angered by one of anything greater. <...> To avoid unwanted sexual approaches to her, the Gemini woman has an additional dodge to that of a display of nervous hysteria. She has a mother. It is to mother that she clings, not father. The mother understands her, protects her, and guides her. She will, if she marries, create a monstrous mother-in-law of her mother, who may well have started out as a nice, plain woman. <...> She fails to see, despite her mental brilliance, that the masochistic half of her sexual makeup prevents her from letting go in sex, from enjoying it, from trying to reach an emotional and physical outlet that her body was made for. On the other hand, the sadistic half makes her inflict pain or suffering or at the least, refusal of the man who wants to go to bed with her. <...> She has the will power to play the role of one of her two selves, and thus provide a full sex life for herself and endow some man with pleasure.

Cancer by Antonio Peinado

Fig. 4. Cancer by Antonio Peinado

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)


The male born under the sign of Cancer has many joys, many tragedies, and many emotional ups-and-downs in between. He loves love. He requires love. <...> Because he is so sensitive, however, the man of Cancer needs some encouragement. His sensitivity is quite apparent, and he is very easily hurt. The fear of being rejected plus his innate terrific sense of pride make sexual approaches quite difficult. <...> Qualified to be really aggressive men in bed, the Cancer males, in general, comprise the largest number of men who suffer from psychic impotence. <...> a suggestion that he is not as wanted as he wants will prevent him from enjoying sexual satisfaction. The love object might just as well throw a pail of ice water on him. In a reciprocal mating in which he does feel his partner is enjoying herself as much as he is, he will express his love, passion, and sexual excitement in sighs, moans, cries, grunts, clutchings, scratchings, and biting. Anyone who reaches a climax or orgasm with him, who has shown as much excitation as he, will be literally a marked woman (or man) for many a day. <...> Without flattery, encouragement, eternal manifestations of affection, he will hide or even bury his most profound desires and wind up in a tragic state of frustration and depression. <...> The Cancer male is a natural playboy and one who plays the field. He likes sex, and he likes a lot of it with a lot of different people. It can be that his vices are many but that he considers no sexual practice from any but an amoral point of view. <...> With all his sensitivity, he needs ·to experience a sense of being sufficient unto himself for now. It is a clutching at this moment of self-realization that colors both love and sex for him. When the moment, the orgasm, the experience, the now has passed, it may turn out to have been literally or figuratively only a moment, in truth. It is the need to repeat that moment in order to come alive again that can make the Cancer male wreck his own and his lover's romance. <...> Besides being innately sexy all the time, he needs the response of his wife's bodily and sexual reactions to assure him that she is always there for him, that she needs him, too, that she wants him, too, that she belongs to him. Should she not be overly sensual she will have to learn to be the greatest actress on the bed in all the world. She might receive a phone call from London to be in a certain phone booth in Kennedy Airport in New York at a specified time, and to be ready – and already having taken the pill! <...> The Cancer male is both aware of sex and eager for experience from boyhood. He is curious about "the facts of life," and learns from others what it is about as well as how to masturbate alone and mutually as well as to derive pleasure from other homosexual acts. All this conduct is, however, very sneaky and acted out in secret. Publicly, he is such an avid heterosexual that his whole attitude becomes somewhat offensive. He eventually gets his woman (frequently women), and the older he gets, the younger he likes them.


The male born under the sign of Cancer is more womanly than one born under any other sign of the zodiac. This sign has a Luminary as its astrological symbol: the Moon. <...> The innate temperament, the changing patterns of behavior of the Cancer-born woman may be attributed to the phases of the Moon. <...> A characteristic of the Cancer male distinguishing her from the Cancer male is her home-loving nature. Also, her desire and search for protection. What Moon power makes the Cancer male a splendid success in extroverted activities makes the female successful in home-making, motherhood, acting the role of the family historian, the reminder of others of anniversaries, birthdays, and other sentimental occasions. <...> Changeable as her nature is, for the duration of her passion for "her" man she will be adoring, even from a distance if she can't get closer. Love will be her all-in-all; unrequited, it can quite atomize her personality. <...> The young Moon maiden seeks the protection of an older man. He in turn is flattered, enjoys showing off to her a little, likes teaching her, and may well fall in love with this nymph and even marry her. She brings joy to his latter years; she can also fully enjoy merry widowhood in well-fixed financial circumstances in return for the pleasure she has given. <...> Intrigued by sex early in life, the Cancer girl may experiment. However, her sensitivity plus the individual aspects in her personal horoscope may equally influence her to retain her virginity until she is married. Rebellious if she feels she is an unwanted child or suffering from sibling envy, she will throw herself into the bed of the first man she can, saying, "Take me." <...> These Cancer females give o an aura of sexuality in large measures. The breasts tend to be big and inviting. They are also "a truck driver's idea of a good time " because they give a first impression of being easily available. <...> Eventually the Cancer female becomes promiscuous like the Cancer male. There is a distinction, however. The male will take or make every possible opportunity to have sex. The male is eclectic. She will not fornicate just r the sake of a party; she likes to know who the male is, talk to him and get to understand him <...> These ladies also develop an enticing showgirl walk, a chic way of dressing, and a manner of making men know that at least they have met someone who really understands them. <...> When her husband puts his foot down because of her sexual demands which exhaust him, when she drinks too much, or when it becomes obvious she is having extra-marital affairs, she gets shocked, outraged, and thrown out. What a blow! She gets a job, plays around, finds another husband, gets another divorce. <...> The Cancer-born female who does not express the ultimate potential of her Sign characteristics settles down to one husband and many children. Her innate desire is to fulfill nature's only purpose – to reproduce itself. <...> Directed by a strong and loving male, she becomes a strong and loving mate or lover. Left to the tide-moving powers of the Moon, she leads a tempestuous and wavy life.

 Leo by Antonio Peinado

Fig. 5. Leo by Antonio Peinado

Leo (July 23 to August 22)


The Leo male considers himself a star, hence desired by everyone. He feels himself a king, and so going to bed with him (if he desires) is a requirement with which he bestows a royal favor upon his partner. And in life's sexual race. the Leo male fully expects to be the winner. <...> Like male birds, he preens himself without their beautiful plumage, he bedecks himself in colorful attire in styles a little in advance of the times. He also wears his most alluring smile at all times because he needs people to be attracted to him, to think that he is charming. and he feeds on their society, gestures of friendship, admiration, and compliments. <...> He assumes the dominant role in sexual relations. In associations of long-standing and in marriage, he maintains and acts this part regardless of all the other elements in the partnership. He can be his partner's mental, social and economic interior, but he is going to wear his Leo crown even in bed if he has to prove his sexual superiority. <...> He extends himself, in fact, to live up to his claims of sexual prowess. As time goes on, he is likely to overextend himself in this direction and go on to impotence early in life. <...> it may turn him on to substitute sexual activities, to variations of debauchery, to perversions, masochism, sadism, or the need for youth, for innocent boys and girls to stimulate his ding powers though he is not really old in years himself. When he is still at the zenith of his potency, the Leo male needs to be told he is marvelous, superb, a stallion, greater than Casanova. Leo male often has to keep on repeating sexual acts with women – not to prove to them what a great lover he is – but to prove to himself that he is not a homosexual. <...> The Leo male can talk his way into the heart of his prospect with brilliance and elan. He can charm, play it cool, play it hot, and if necessary, hypnotize his prospect. <...> He will try to keep love fresh, for to his credit, he can love deeply. He will also be a real master, for mastery means ownership, and what he wants is to possess the one he loves. <...> He makes every effort to establish a plan of life, divided into accurately timed cycles, with precisely planned goals. In his head, the life cycle is a timetable. The plans, the goals, and the timetable include his love li and his sex life. In his youth, his schooling is a successful period because he applies himself, and his application extends to after-hours play with girls, leading from fumbling advances to some degree of perfection in the techniques of sex. <...> he likes the no-touch, no-contact type of sport; tennis over football, ping-pong over wrestling. It may be this, too, which restrains him from homosexual practices; masturbation over sodomy. <...> Because he has such an innate dislike of what is tawdry, he will choose sexual partners who have grace, charm, and intellect enough to know how to handle the less attractive features of a love affair, its physical aspects, and its end. He is inclined to ignore the "dirty details," and respects a woman who does not impose dates of her monthlies or precautions on him. <...> His choice of a wife is going to be a plain woman because he does not want two stars in the same household; the competition for attention would be devastating to his ego. <...> While he likes to show off his ability as a bartender, he wants his wife to be able to produce excellent meals made by her or under her expert supervision. If motherhood is possible, he wants her to have that attribute as well. In bed he wants her to respond in conventional and normal sexual activity with no imaginative or exotic by-play, side-lines, or freaky novelties. <...> His self-restraint and love of rules and timetables would make him rather proud of his ability to control natural desire and build up to the night when he would join his wife in old-fashioned sexuality by appointment.


The Leo female is the sexiest femme of the women of all Signs. <...> The lioness, this queen of the sexual jungle. with all her magnetism, hot and searching eyes, exuding the aura and scent of sex, is a cold and calculating sovereign. <...> The subtle mystique of the Leo female is associated with her ability to tell hypnotic tales-lies, in actuality. No other woman is as capable of catching a male like a spider weaving its web as the Leo male weaving a web to catch a man and make him stoop to folly. Nor is it hyperbole that does it nor any other figure of speech. It is pure enchantment. It is a reincarnation of Scheherezade. And how men fall for it! <...> Having sex with a Leo woman entails an oath of fealty similar to taking clerical orders or being admitted to the round table. This female may never ask r a glass of water, but she is not incapable of asking one of her lovers to commit murder for her. <...> Ask a Leo male under fifty if she was a virgin when she w married. You'll probably get a yes answer. Ask one over fifty, and you'll get a laugh for an answer. <...> Closely related to the requirement of loyalty as a swap r sex is the Leo female's trait of possessiveness. She has to own her men if only one at a time. However, she prefers to hold on to them in some way, even after the sex-role is played out, or the partner has gotten married, or they're geographically separated. <...> The cosmetic art is inborn, and the Leo woman can be daring in dress, but more important, she has a dramatic sense about the way she looks. She can make an entrance that will make every man in the room want to possess her and make every woman hate her because of jealousy. <...> She has great self-control when she has a specific goal in mind in her dealings with a man. This may range from business to marriage. Where neither is involved, she gladly abandons that control, or the internal combustion just sets her on re and she can let go and have great sexual pleasure because she has to have that sensation right at that minute. Gone are her conventional controls. Gone is the psychological censor. She, too, is gone-gone on a male because he has big muscles or a big build, or big genitals. <...> Leo rules the theatre, and this female goes for laughs as well as for dramatic entrances. She has wit, originality, and such powerful self-confidence that she exudes an air of untroubled lack of concern about the usual petty worries that upset individuals and harry the world. An unexpected trait in this gal is a hidden sentimental streak. She aspires to practically a royal marriage, but the male she was intimate withholds an unforgettable place in her computer mind. Called on for help from an old lover, she responds. <...> Sex is also a way of receiving homage, attery, affection, and satisfaction for their innate exhibitionism and puffed-up egos. It is the applause some Leo females get only in the bedroom, as so many other Leo gals get it on the stage (plus in the bedroom). These seemingly extroverted ladies also suffer badly from rejection or blighted romances. The Leo male will never let go of sex or her hold on men through sex. The scintillating males wearing wigs and diamonds in jet-set cafes are old Leo girls – never letting go of their concept of themselves as stars.

 Virgo by Antonio Peinado

Fig. 6. Virgo by Antonio Peinado

Virgo (August 23 to September 22)


The symbol of the Sign Virgo is not one of the zodiacal beasts. It is the Virgin, and the symbol, of course, applies to both the males and females born while the Sun is transiting Virgo. Here the symbology applies to the nature of the Virgo male – no matter how exciting his sex life may be. His attitude and mental approach to sex are virginal. His original state is virginal. His mental set or simplex is his original virginity. How he soils this purity may give him thrills and kicks, even the pain-pleasure syndrome of sadomasochistic perversion, but to him, all these are accidents, for there he is a virgin forever. <...> Once in bed with a partner, he may analyze her (or him) right to his inner core. It may be that this analytical trend is also a subconscious transfer of guilt. By this process, he can really subtract all self-analysis from his cerebral processes and transfer the entire sexual mating to the activity of his partner. <...> The extension of the influence of the mind over his sexual activities may be so long and strong that the typical Virgo male, directed by the solar energy in his chart, may restrict his associations with girls to mental or mere social relationships. <...> he is far more attracted to people younger than he is, especially males. <...> While he is a stickler for a convention, he may not recognize this trait within himself and deplore it in others. <...> That middle-aged professor who married one of his students, half his age, was doubtless a Virgo. And the child bride became a fine scholar, but probably not in bed, for there the husband may have had the same innocence as the bride. <...> Virgo simply thinks that to give in to the demands of the body shows the lack of control of it. <...> This man is indeed unfortunate if he fails to analyze his bride-to-be with his usual acumen, for he may become tied to a sensual young female. Then hell would surely replace the expected heavenly bliss. What a tragic discovery it would also be for a young girl hoping to be deflowered and thrilled by an older, experienced man. <...> If a compromise is made to satisfy the young woman, psychic impotence may ensue because that censor the Virgo's head will not stop working. <...> The rulership of Virgo by Mercury fails to endow this zodiacal type with great masculinity or good looks. Yet he chooses attractive women because he is intellectually eclectic, but is equally satisfied if he fails in this pursuit, with a plainer Jane. <...> It is the negative nature of the analytical side of the Virgo male that is pathetic. If all the efforts were the satisfaction of his curiosity and result in a deep-seated emotional satisfaction, one might cheer him on. <...> But to find out what is under a woman's skirt by lifting it and then dropping it can only be considered a frustrating exercise in futility. <...> On the positive side of his analytical nature, the Virgo male is qualified to pick a lover, mate, or spouse with whom he can share affection and sexual intercourse. He has sufficient passion where trust is mutual, to morn than muddle through, and this is honestly intensified by his loyalty and her willingness to cooperate in bed as well as to be a real helpmate in the attainment of his personal aim in life. Divorce is not uncommon in the Virgo male's life. He is easily discouraged by his wife's illnesses or pregnancy and flees to the courts for relief. This in no way, however, subtracts from his loyalty to his children if any.


The feminine nature attunes more easily to the changeable nature of Mercury's influence, and the mercurial nature of the planet is in deeper coordination with the influence of the Moon which rules the male than it is with the Sun which rules the male.<...> Mercury makes the Virgo woman more talkative, more flighty, more temperamental, more taciturn. It also gives her more magnetism and greater eloquence than the Virgo male and takes away none of the intellectual power it endows upon him. One might say that Mercury gives the daughters a better break than it does the sons of Virgo. <...> This female shares the outstanding trait of curiosity with the Virgo male. <...> She can have an encyclopedic knowledge of sex in its every aspect. <...> Pride plays a great part in the conduct of her life. She takes inordinate pride in her parents and remains a little girl in many ways for many years. <...> Aside from the sexual side, the Virgo male is generally healthy, big, a good eater, and inclined to be a big drinker. <...> She is vengeful, and will turn on a loved one for some imagined slight, jealousy, or because her emotions have been poisoned by a vicious so-called friend. <...> With her notions of virginity, the Virgo female does not strive to be the plate of fashion. Her imagination fails to stimulate her to enhance such sex appeal as she might have because predominant in her psyche is the presentation to the world of the virgin image. <...> A clever man, one with personal magnetism and a special kind of sex appeal, could make a real woman of the Virgo female. With one exception: that man could never be a Virgo male. <...> Her search for a man means a search for a man she can dominate. Forever uplifting, she will seek a male she can feel she is raising to a higher mental, moral, and spiritual plane. If she ever gets to have sex with him, and it is a possibility, she will devour him in all these three senses like the insect which devours the male immediately after copulation. After all, hasn't he served his only purpose? <...> The influence of Mercury predominates the life of the Virgo male. In addition to illuminating her mind and critical capacities, it gives her eloquence which aids her in persuading the men in her life to do her will. <...> She tends to hyperbole when stimulated by alcohol, a man, or an audience – or the combination of any two or all three. Here is where she meets her downfall in sexual play. The mouth will go on and on, but not where it is going to arouse any erogenous zone in the male. His mind may have begun by being stimulated, but soon all symptoms of male stimulation have been talked down. <...> The Virgo girl finds out a lot about sex because she asks questions. She goes on asking them until she has a vast storehouse of knowledge. <...> However, she is not one to rush into a man's arms or bed to try out what she knows. The only time she combines theory and knowledge is when she has sex with her husband. By the time the Virgo female marries, she knows it all. She decides to have a child, and she certainly will not have one by accident. <...> This kind of sexuality may impress one as terribly calculated. so much so that it would seem there could be little excitement, no imagination, and hardly any passion in the act. <...> Many are the facets of the nature of this changeable female. Depending on the aspects in their birth charts, of all Virgoans, one will find them flirtatious, driving men mad by never giving in. Others will give the impression they are leading to the bed by asking questions. In fact, they only want to know the answers. <...> Lastly is the Virgo male who wants her brother or her father or a woman. This is the one to beware of. She is the original "more deadly than the male."

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