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Harunobu's Jealous Geisha with Snowball

A masterful image in which Harunobu seizes a moment of climactic tension when a jealous woman who spies on two lovers prepares to ruin their joy by slinging a snowball through the window.


We can assume that she is a geisha and the man is a regular client who is betraying their relationship by having an affair with her young apprentice.

Textured Effect

Snow lies heavily on the bamboo outside the building, given a textured effect by a special printing technique.

jealous lover

Lovers during the winter‘ (c.1768) by Suzuki Harunobu (d.1770) (source: British Museum)

jealous geisha

Another impression

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on 16 February 2020

What's the most remarkable for me in Japanese images of winter is the contrast between their light clothing and seemingly cold weather. It looks like they're freezing. However this picture feels rather warm due its' humor and some sort of Christmas vibe.

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