Young Female Student Experiences a Classical #MeToo Moment
Marijn Kruijff
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Young Female Student Experiences a Classical #MeToo Moment

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On his journeys examining the secrets of the art of love-making, Maneemon first goes to the ‘Islands of Virgins’. In this second plate of the series ‘The Fashionable Horny Maneemon‘ we see for the first time the effect of the drink Osen and Ofuji gave Maneemon, that caused him to shrink to minuscule proportions.

Calligraphy Lesson

The sign hanging outside the ground-floor entrance and the materials lying on the table indicate that the young female has come from a calligraphy lesson.

#MeToo Moment

However, her lesson takes a very different turn when the teacher is trying to force himself upon her. She sports a robe with long, hanging sleeves signifying her unmarried status.

calligraphy teacher abusing female student

Plate 2 ‘Young female pupil experiences a #MeToo moment‘ (c.1770) from the series ‘The Fashionable Horny Maneemon (Furyu enshoku Maneemon)‘ by Suzuki Harunobu


He whispers in her ear: “I’ll pass you ahead of your fellow students Oran and Oton, and will teach you the methods of the next level. In that case, is it still disagreeable? Be patient for just a little while longer.” She tries to push him away, responding “Oh dear! Teacher, please let go of me!”

#metoo moment with calligraphy teacher abusing female student


Maneemon is hidden behind a fuzukue (writing table) and observes them closely. He comments: “What a pitful, wretched thing. And look at his nose!”

Comical Touch

Harunobu included a comical touch to this design by including two copulating cats in the window opening. It is sometimes suggested that if even animals feel the urge to have sex when seeing humans making love, viewers should have no reservations about playing with themselves.

#metoo moment with calligraphy teacher abusing female student with copulating cats

Atrocious Thing

The text above is critical of the teacher who is abusing his position, and says that to force a woman is an atrocious thing.

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