Koryusai's Sensual Erotic World In Koban Shunga (P2)
28 september 2017 
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Koryusai's Sensual Erotic World In Koban Shunga (P2)

In this sequel (Part 1 can be found here) we look further into Koryusai‘s contribution to shunga in the smaller koban format…

isoda koryusai

Direction‘ (c.1770s)


A courtesan is moving the penis of a male client in the right direction.

isoda koryusai

In the garden‘ (c.1770s)


A mature man gets intimate with a younger courtesan in the garden. His face is visible through the hairdo of the female.

isoda koryusai

Curtain‘ (c.1770s)


A courtesan is sitting on the lap of a client while passionately holding on to the curtain.

isoda koryusai

Missionary pose‘ (c.1760s)


Intimate couple in the missionary pose. In this design Harunobu‘s influence is still evident.

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