8 Riveting Erotic Gems Produced in Late 19th Century China
30 april 2020 
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8 Riveting Erotic Gems Produced in Late 19th Century China

The following 8 erotic paintings were produced in China around 1870 and measure ca. 5 4/5″ x  5 3/4″ inches each. All these unique pieces were part of the acclaimed Ferdinand Bertholet collection.

Queue Hairstyle

They portray the sensual encounters of young males sporting the then fashionable back-of-head (front-shaved) queue hairstyle and their seductive female lovers having sex on various locations, with meticulously engineered windows and dramatic moon gates that allow compelling views.

Fig.1. ‘Young Chinese couple making love seen through a moon gate(Sold)

Fig.2. ‘Completely naked couple making love in the garden with the girl sitting on top of her young male lover. The boy is lying on a giant leave.(Sold)

Fig.3. ‘Girl making love on the bed while leaning on a pillow with her back.’ (Sold)

Fig.4. ‘Intimate couple on a pink blanket in the garden. The boy has wrapped his pigtail around his head like a headband.’ (Sold)

Fig.5. ‘Striking composition with the couple depicted in the top left corner of the image.‘ (Sold)

Fig.6. ‘A couple in love kissing each other passionately underneath bizarrely shaped, rock stele. A funny detail is the young man’s sagged pants.’ (Sold)

Fig.7. ‘A young aroused male youth tries to convince his offended lover.’ (Sold)

Fig.8. ‘Playful lovers reading an illustrated book at a desk. Their shy sensuality is almost palpable. The circular frame of the window reminds me of Hiroshige’s View From Massaki of Suijin Shrine.‘ (Sold)

You have to see them in real life to experience the endearing poetic sensuality! These pieces are available for sale. For inquiries you can contact us HERE...!!

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