Hilarious Erotic Wrestling Match Between the Sexes
08 november 2017 
2 min. read

Hilarious Erotic Wrestling Match Between the Sexes

We have added a new shunga scroll to our gallery Akantiek.nl with 13 hilarious designs that display males and females battling each other in some kind of erotic wrestling match.

Japanese men and women in an erotic wrestling match

erotic wrestling match

sensual fight between man and woman with referee

making love during wrestling match

male with head in vagina

Click the following video to discover the complete scroll including all hilarious paintings:


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About the author
Marijn is the founder of shungagallery.com. With more than 20 years of experience within the sensual and erotic art of shunga he is an authority in the genre. During this time he served many customers with complementing their art collection.
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