An Instagram Influencer and an Instagram Influenced Transverse Boundaries of Lust
19 september 2019 
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An Instagram Influencer and an Instagram Influenced Transverse Boundaries of Lust

Jeff Faerber‘s latest piece clearly refers to our narcissistic communicativeness in the modern world in which we share even our most intimate moments…

Instatgram erotica

With delirious intent, an Instagram influencer and an Instagram influenced transverse boundaries of lust, seeking oblivion in each other’s respective skin and breath and live follower notification pings” (September 2019)

We asked Jeff how he got inspired for this piece:

When I come up with ideas for my paintings, I basically have a bunch of poses in a folder (on my computer), a bunch of random props (usually cell phones, technology, or some board games) in another folder and random ideas for titles. I then try to mix and match until all three seem to line up in a way that makes sense.

Hang-ups About Sex

Your interpretation was pretty close to what I was aiming for. Here are some thoughts that apply to most of my images including but not exclusively to this image. I am always a bit torn about how I feel about the people in my paintings.

Too Puritanical

On the one hand, I feel that people (especially in the United States) are too puritanical and have too many hang-ups about sex, so in that sense, I approve of my figures for being liberated and being able to enjoy their sensuality. But on the other hand, I tend to make them look foolish for their multi-tasking and over-reliance on technology. So, do I envy the people? Yes and no!

Russian Trolls

I do think sometimes people overshare pictures of their meals, or inconsequential daily things on social media,… but then again, if people shared their private intimate moments, I’d definitely be more intrigued! But the idea of influencers, or the sincerity of posts (are there corporate advertising, or other hidden agendas at work, or bots, or Russian trolls,…) it makes most internet interactions seem pretty fraught.

Gain Followers

Or we are seeing small snap-shots without a larger context, but on a universal level, most of us understand sex so the glimpses these two in the latest painting is relatable and understandable. Or is it,… are they monetizing or trying to be provocative to gain followers?

I don’t know, so maybe that will also let the viewers of the painting try to bring their own narrative to the piece…

Click HERE and get acquainted with Jeff Faerber’s art by checking out this extensive interview…!!

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on 30 Sep 2019

Jeff,s paintings are not my taste.To direct No fantasy left But Humorous.



on 30 Sep 2019

Thanks Peter. Obviously I don't agree, but I have noticed that Jeff's work evokes strongly separated (love/hate) opinions. To me that's an indication of interesting art. Anyway, taste is elusive! Marijn

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