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L'Aretin Français: Lustful Engravings And Rhymes By Antoine Borel And François-Félix Nogaret, Part One

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Some time ago, we mentioned here the classic I Modi set of engravings by Marcantonio Raimondi that inspired Pietro Aretino to create his famous Sonetti Lussuriosi (Lascivious Sonnets), which, in its' turn, became a source of inspiration for illustrators like Agostino Carracci. In 1782, French writer François-Felix Nogaret together with engraver Antoine Borel created a French version that combined sensual poems and erotic images.

Nogaret's Quatrains

The first edition was published anonymously by "a member of the women's academy" as it's said in the book. As honesterotica mentions, the names of the authors were given in later re-editions. In this article, we publish 8 of 17 Borel's images with our translations of Nogaret's quatrains. Though our texts don't repeat the original order of rhyming that varies throughout the set, we've managed to save the rhyme and the idea in general, so you can fully enjoy the edition and compare our English versions with originals.

 l'aretin cover

Fig. 1. The cover.

 l aretin Frontispiece

Fig. 2. Frontispiece.

  l aretin erotic

Fig. 3a. Pose One

 laretin text

Fig. 3b. Pose One. French text.


I can avoid it all except your flame,

The work of heaven or the trap of hell,

When other fires die, it stays the same.

I own it life and all my joy as well.

Voltaire did a lot, but rhymes and plays

Just can't outshine your light and seem a fraud

Since for another art I've found a place:

Your cunt's a stage; the actor is my rod.

 L aretin Pose Two

Fig. 4a. Pose Two.

 Laretin L aretin Pose Two text

Fig. 4b. Pose Two. French text.


The overture; your cock's the one to please

Let's fuck, let's do it fast as nature tells,

This wish is followed by her kids with ease

Because our sexes fit like nothing else.

The cock must harden in a skillful hand

Then we'll lie down together, you and I,

There's no such pleasure on the earth instead

Of what a fuckhead only can deny.

 l aretin Pose Three

Fig. 5a. Pose Three.

l aretin Pose Three. French text.

Fig. 5b. Pose Three. French text.


Insatiable, we have no time to rest,

Your leg is on my shoulder, that is best,

You want me now to push it soft or hard

And can control the process with your butt.

Let's synchronize our moves and play in time.

Your cunt's a throne that makes me feel sublime,

We strike a light for envy gods to watch,

My flaming dick could be Priapus' torch.

 l aretin Pose Four

Fig. 6a. Pose Four.

 laretin Pose Four. French text

Fig. 6b. Pose Four. French text.


Pygmalion would surely lack the verve

To imitate the object of my bliss,

Your alabaster back and perfect curves.

A dream of Zeus – to copulate like this.

We're leaving for Olympus, there's no sin,

No need for guidance – put your hand away

And stick to me, my one and only queen,

To take your part of joy without delay.

 l aretin Pose Five

Fig. 7a. Pose Five.

laretin Pose Five. French text

Fig. 7b. Pose Five. French text.


- Oh magic rod, refresh my womb right now,

To whom except for you could I address!

- Your hidden gem is worth a royal crown.

- Your wand is for the empress to possess!

My nimble fingers make it hard again,

And nothing is more pleasant to behold.

This stem will fill me with desired rain,

The one who owns this dick must own the world!

 l aretin Pose Six

Fig. 8a. Pose Six.

laretin Pose Six. French text

Fig. 8b. Pose Six. French text.


A gentle shiver at the sight of you

I feel this time, as at the very start.

Your whispers make me blush, though, they're not new,

Can't get enough of what is learned by heart.

As time goes on, desires only grow,

I feel the deeper thirst, the more I get.

Won't ever trade our little games, you know,

For pearls and jewels of a cold coquette.

l aretin Pose Seven

Fig. 9a. Pose Seven.

 Laretin Pose Seven French text

Fig. 9b. Pose Seven French text.


Come, take and lift my thighs to fill with cum

My womb as much as possible and more…

I love your cock! - And I adore your cunt!

Who doesn't fuck is not a man for sure.

- If so, you're twice a man! Your rod is hard,

Oh god, for me, you're now a king, not less!

This dick, it makes me die… The sweetest part!

- This precious cunt, it lets me join your death!

 laretin Laretin Pose eight

Fig. 10a. Pose Eight.

Laretin Pose Eight. French text

Fig. 10b. Pose Eight. French text.


The sight of Venus brings me to my knees,

Your favors only let me stay alive.

Your skin's the satin, and your breath's a breeze

On which I live instead of bread and wine.

Prepare for the worship of my rod,

It's set on fire, passing through your hand.

Am I a timid pilgrim on the road,

Or an intruder in your promised land?

In the next article, we’ll publish the rest of pictures and poems!

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