Taka-makura, Sensuous Offerings and Bursting Crescendo
08 juli 2018 
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Taka-makura, Sensuous Offerings and Bursting Crescendo

Two exciting new pieces by Jeff Faerber. I love how the woman in the first panel, passionately rests her left arm on her chest between the breasts with erected nipples. Her neck deeply buried in the taka-makura.*


“Their devotion to the third date rule was so sacrosanct, that despite his demur demeanor, he readily accepted her sensuous offerings” (July 2018)

“The quivering touch caresses with gentle precision, building higher and higher to unforetold peaks of delight, breath locked in unison, hovering on the sweet edge of oblivion while savoring the denial of the teetering inevitability, until a ping from a Samsung Galaxy S7 breaks the tension, causing a bursting crescendo, collapse and cathartic release” (July 2018)


* Taka-makura (geisha pillow, lit. tall pillow), was a “tool”, a small support stand for the neck, used by a geisha to keep her hair perfectly in tact during sleep. They were so devoted to this cause that in order to guarantee their heads didn’t move from the head rest, they threw viscous rice on the floor surrounding them. When the geisha woke up the next morning with rice adhered to her hair, she had some explaining to do to her unamused okā-san (the Japanese word for “mother”).  Faerber‘s image only features the pillow, the stand is missing.


Picture of a ‘A young girl resting her head on a taka-makura‘ (c.1920)

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