Skullfucking Witch by Winton Kidd
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Transfem, Straight And Lesbian Fairy Tales Of the Retro Artist Winton Kidd

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Genderfluid and gender nonconforming depictions were already present in evangelical figures in medieval Christian art. At the Museum of Notre-Dame à la Rose Hospital, Lessines, Belgium, The Lamentation around the remains of Christ (Fig.1), painted by an anonymous painter around the late 16th century, is a rare example of a representation of Christ with exposed breasts. The scene of lamentation is one of both grief and loving adoration where women and angels surround Christ.

The Lamentation around the remains of Christ, c. late-sixteenth century, anonymous

Fig.1. The Lamentation around the remains of Christ, c. late-sixteenth century, anonymous


Nowadays with the introduction of social media platforms with a more liberal view on content regarding erotic art one can find plenty of artists who have specialized within all different forms of sexual orientation and gender identity. Transfeminine (transfem), a term for assigned-male trans individuals with a predominantly feminine identity or gender expression, is one of these gender identities that has been embraced by numerous erotic artists. One of the standouts in this subgenre (Fig.2 to 5) is the American illustrator Winton Kidd, who already gained 136,2k Twitter followers.

transfem sketch from 2016 by Winton Kidd

Fig.2. 'Transfem' sketch from 2016


Besides femboys, Kidd's fairy tales are populated by sapphic elves and "Gibson Girls", cosy campers, lustful astronauts (both straight and lesbian) and witches, and attractive masturbating girls often lying on a sofa. On his site Kidd describes himself as a retrophile and he knows how to incorporate this retro feeling in an original way into his stimulating mise-en-scene.

Hiker Pin-up by Winton Kidd

Fig.3. Hiker Pin-up (2020)

witches by Winton Kidd

Fig.4. Witches (2021)

Office stuff by Winton Kidd

Fig.5..Office stuff (2021)

Zelbosa Alt. pinup from Kidd's comic Little Bird's Bath (2020) by winton kidd

Fig.6.  Zelbosa Alt. pinup from Kidd's comic Little Bird's Bath (2020)

Marianne in the airlock by Winton Kidd

Fig.7. Marianne in the airlock (2018)

campers by Winton Kidd

Fig.8. Campers (2018)

Trevor x Sypha by winton kidd

Fig.9. Trevor x Sypha (2021)

Skullfucking Witch by Winton Kidd

Fig.10. Skullfucking Witch (2023)

Vivienne - Dragon Age Inquisition by winton kidd

Fig.11. Vivienne - Dragon Age Inquisition (2018)

Bayonetta by Winton Kidd

Fig.12. Bayonetta (2018)

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